In honor of all the Ukrainian service men and women defending their country, we have spent months painstakingly ranking the most significant Russian senior officers eliminated as a result of their illegal full-scale invasion of Ukraine. They have been assessed not merely by their military rank, but by their importance to Russia's war effort and the lasting effects of their death. We also assessed the less tangible aspects of the kills, including morale impact (both 🇺🇦 and 🇷🇺), operational tempo, and future potential of the officer.

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#200 - Roman Petrasov
Lieutenant Colonel Roman Arsenovich Petrasov (Петрасов Роман Арсенович) [Cargo ID #645]
In the early stages of the war in the Donbas, the owner of a transportation/construction business, Roman Petrasov volunteered to join the DPR militia and served as a company commander under the callsign “Fish”. By the time of the full-scale invasion, Petrasov had become the commander of the 2nd Motor Rifle Battalion of the 5th Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade. Roman was severely injured during the siege of Mariupol, and expired 16 days later. His 8 years of combat experience in Ukraine were just enough to qualify him for the Top 200.
#199 - Dmitry Golosenko
Lieutenant Colonel Dmitry Viktorovich Golosenko (Голосенко Дмитрий Викторович) [Cargo ID #52]
Killed on the second day of Russia’s full-scale invasion, Dmitry Golosenko met his end somewhere in the Sumy oblast, as a part of the 1st Motor Rifle Regiment of the 2nd Guards Motor Rifle Division (1st GTA). Born in Belarus, Golosenko served as the deputy commander of logistics (“the rear”) for his regiment. Confusingly, Russian sources also call Golosenko the former Chief of Staff of the regiment, which would be a more prestigious position than DC of Logistics.
#198 - Dmitry Kochetkov
Lieutenant Colonel Dmitry Pavlovich Kochetkov (Кочетков Дмитрий Павлович) [Cargo ID #415]
Dmitry Kochetkov was one of the first, of around a half dozen, Battalion Commanders of the 42nd Guards Motor Rifle Division to perish. He sports an impressive array of medals, indicating significant combat experience. This, along with his command of a battalion in the prestigious 42nd Guards Motor Rifle Division, snagged him a spot in the top 200, if only just.
#197 - Alexander Shvetsov
Major Alexander Alexandrovich Shvetsov (Швецов Александр Александрович) [Cargo ID #631]
An artillery officer heavily decorated for his service in Syria, Alexander Shvetsov served in various artillery battalions including one within the 4th Guards Tank Division. Since 2021, Shvetsov had commanded the artillery battalion of the 275th Self-Propelled Artillery Regiment of the 4th Guards Tank Division. However, like several others senior officers of the 4th Guards Tank Division, Shvetsov’s life was snuffed out somewhere in Ukraine.
#196 - Insur Kinyakaev
Major Insur Valievich Kinyakaev (Киньякаева Инсура Валиевича) [Cargo ID #130]
One of the most notable casualties of the battles at Hostomel Airport, Insur Kinyakaev was relatively young deputy battalion commander of the 31st Guards Air Assault brigade from Bashkiria. It is unknown whether Kinyakaev was responsible for committing any of the numerous war crimes his brigade has been accused of, but either way he is no longer capable of doing so.
#195 - Ivan Kardashov
Lieutenant Colonel Ivan Alekseevich Kardashov (Кардашов Иван Алексеевич) [Cargo ID #511]
There is still much to unravel about the specifics of the career of Ivan Kardashov, yet it is known that Kardashov commanded a battalion. His place of death is also uncertain. The most likely account tells of Kardashov’s death occurring near the village of Yakovlivka, as a result of a kamikaze drone that riddled his body with lethal shrapnel. The other account claims Kardashov perished near Popasna, though we assess that to be less likely because by October 20, 2022, the line of contact was already 15km away from there.
#194 - Vasily Tynny
Major Vasily Leonidovich Tynny (Тынный Василий Леонидович) [Cargo ID #142]
The Deputy commander of a Spetsnaz unit, Vasily Tynny died after a bungled raid behind Ukrainian lines. After Tynny’s group was discovered, and subsequently ambushed, Tynny gave his subordinates the order to retreat while he attempted to cover their escape (or so the Russian story goes). While it’s not known if Tynny fully succeeded, his own life ended in the encounter.
#193 - Oleg Vladimirovich Bezmen
Lieutenant Colonel Oleg Vladimirovich Bezmen (Безмен Олег Владимирович) [Cargo ID #752]
Ordinarily a regiment commander would rate more highly in the Top 200, but because of his mobilized status, Oleg Bezmen only just makes the list. He originally served in Donbas in 2014 as the chief of staff of an anti-aircraft unit, before retiring from the armed forces. However, after mobilization began in 2022, and the acute shortage of combat commanders, Bezmen was placed in command of 111th Motor Rifle Regiment. On May 2, 2023, Bezmen was grievously wounded in the Avdiivka direction, and expired without ever regaining consciousness.
#192 - Adu Ismaevich Shamkhalov
Lieutenant Colonel Adu Ismaevich Shamkhalov (Щамхалов Аду Исмаевич) [Cargo ID #842]
Ostensibly the most recent Battalion commander of the 6th Guards Tank Regiment to be killed (of 5), Adu Shamkhalov seems to have been a replacement for some of the Regiment’s previous senior casualties. However, Shamkhalov ultimately shared the fate of his predecessor’s and perished near Kreminna in June 2023.
#191 - Dmitry Vladimirovich Semenov
Major Dmitry Vladimirovich Semenov (Семенов Дмитрий Владимирович) [Cargo ID #295]
Serving as the Chief of Staff of the 370th Special Forces Detachment of the 16th Guards Special Purpose (Spetsnaz) Brigade, Dmitry Semenov did not last long in Ukraine. In May 2022, while attempting to clear out a forest in the Kharkiv oblast, Semenov and his unit came under fire during which he was severely injured. Unable to retreat, he blew himself up with a grenade. Dmitry’s wife has since become an extremely active proponent of the war. Take from that what you will.
#190 - Yevgeny Valeryevich Pisarenko
Colonel Yevgeny Valeryevich Pisarenko (Писаренко Евгений Валерьевич) [Cargo ID #835]
Both the most senior member of Akhmat and the highest profile Kadyrovite to be confirmed dead, Evgeny Pisarenko served as the commander of the Spetsnaz Detachment referred to as the Akhmat” Special Rapid-Response Unit (SOBR). As with most Kadyrovites, Pisarenko was a pile of shit. His unit committed a plethora of war crimes, including the filmed castration and beheading of a Ukrainian prisoner. While the war criminal was nominated for the posthumous Hero of Russia title, to date there is no information about whether he received it.
#189 - Dmitry Pavlovich Dormidontov
Lieutenant Colonel Dmitry Pavlovich Dormidontov (Дормидонтов Дмитрий Павлович) [Cargo ID #76]
The commander of the rocket-artillery battalion of the 5th Separate Guards Tank Brigade (36th CAA), Dmitry Dormidontov never got meet his infant daughter. Instead he was blown up somewhere near Kyiv when an artillery shell hit his dugout. The elimination of a rocket artillery battalion commander this close to Kyiv, this early in the war, is what earned Dmitry his spot on the list.
#188 - Dmitry Viktorovich Vlasov
Major Dmitry Viktorovich Vlasov (Власов Дмитрий Викторович) [Cargo ID #334]
Not much is known about Dmitry Vlasov other than the fact that he was one of several battalion commanders (CO of 1st Tank Battalion) of the 6th Guards Tank Regiment to perish (along with the regiment commander, Colonel Zakharov himself). In Vlasov’s case he outlived his commander, only to die after regrouping in July 2022, possibly near Kremina.
#187 - Nikolai Viktorovich Duba
Major Nikolai Viktorovich Duba (Дюба Николая Викторовича) [Cargo ID #767]
The first of at least 3 battalion commanders of the 6th Guards Tank Regiment (of the 90th Guards Tank Division) to perish, Nikolai Duba served in Crimea, Syria, and even performed an official duty in Venezuela. Duba would ultimately meet his demise near the village Bilohorivka, Luhansk, like several others in our Top 200.
#186 - Abbas Firudinovich Gashimov
Major Abbas Firudinovich Gashimov (Гашимов Аббас Фирудинович) [Cargo ID #425]
"Distinguishing" himself abroad, Abbas Gashimov, the commander of a Motor Rifle Battalion in the 228th Motor Rifle Regiment of the 90th Guards Tank Division previously received the status of best company commander. Approximately two weeks before his demise, Gashimov was moderately wounded and suffered a concussion. However, he chose to eschew medical treatment in order to return to the front. This fateful decision ultimately prevented him from receiving his promised early promotion to Colonel, as he was mortally wounded by an artillery barrage in short order.
#185 - Tharo Alimovich Abataev
Major Tharo Alimovich Abataev (Абатаев Таро Алимович) [Cargo ID #417]
A war criminal and battalion commander of the 2nd Tank Battalion of the 5th Separate Guards Tank Brigade (36th Combined Arms Army) Tharo Abataev led his battalions forces on the assault on Kyiv. The troops under Abataev’s command murdered at least 13 civilians at a car dealership in the Buchansky district of the Kyiv Oblast, as well as committing additional war crimes on the Zhytomyr highway. Fortunately, karma is a powerful force, and he was liquidated near Bucha in mid-March '22.
#184 - Dmitry Aleksandrovich Toptun
Major Dmitry Aleksandrovich Toptun (Топтун Дмитрий Александрович) [Cargo ID #53]
Exceptionally young for his position, 31-year-old Dmitry Toptun had a swift rise up the Russian military hierarchy. Toptun was already the commander of a motor rifle battalion during the initial stages of the full-scale invasion. However, on March 14, 2022, Toptun’s staff car was hit by an anti-tank missile, inflicting mortal wounds on Toptun which cut short his promising career.
#183 - Name
Major Vasily Igorevich Lushnikov (Лушникова Василия Игоревича) [Cargo ID #376]
Killed on his birthday, August 23, 2022, Vasily Lushnikov was the first of several notable officers of his regiment (the 291st Guards Motor Rifle Regiment) to be slain in the Zaporizhzhia Oblast. In Lushnikov's case, he commanded a tank battalion and was eliminated following a “rapid assault by the Armed Forces of Ukraine”.
#182 - Alexander Andreyevich Tyukavkin
Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Andreyevich Tyukavkin (Тюкавкин Александр Андреевич) [Cargo ID #1023]
Commanding a battalion (likely within the 57th Motor Rifle Brigade since he was from Transbaikalia, and it was the only far eastern unit in the vicinity of Bakhmut) for over a year and a half. Like several other battalion commanders, he was liquidated as a result of Ukraine’s counteroffensive operations in the vicinity of Bakhmut. In Tyukavkin’s case, he died on the night of October 27, 2023, in unclear circumstances.
#181 - Alexander Viktorovich Kornik
Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Viktorovich Kornik (Корник Александр Викторович) [Cargo ID #12]
One of many casualties of precarious pontoon crossings, Alexander Kornik (Chief of Staff of the 40th Engineering Regiment) died in the very early stages of the full-scale invasion, after his effort to build a temporary crossing over the Desna River near Chernihiv went terribly awry. 8 other soldiers died in the crossing attempt, and at least 6 of them could not be retrieved before they were swept away by the river. Everyone knows how important military engineers are, but at this point Kornik has likely done more good for Ukraine’s marine biology than he did for Russia’s attempted conquest.
#180 - Alexander Yurievich Bobrov
Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Yurievich Bobrov (Бобров Александр Юрьевич) [Cargo ID #165]
Commander of the Minesweeper Division of the 184th Brigade of Ships at Novorossiysk Naval Base, Alexander Bobrov was quite highly decorated for his past work in Syria and Crimea. Despite this experience, and being commander of a full division, he barely cracks the Top 200. He was killed while attempting to clear mines from the waters off the coast of Mariupol, when he was ambushed by a Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance group. For his sacrifice he was given a tiny plaque on the side of an elementary school.
#179 - Tarkhan Rasulovich Khordaev
Major Tarkhan Rasulovich Khordaev (Хордаев Тархан Расулович) [Cargo ID #289]
Referred to by his mother as “Little Mouse”, Tarkhan Khordaev is fairly unique among the dozens of slain battalion commanders (he was CO of 3rd Tank Battalion of the 80th Tank Regiment of the 90th Guards Tank Division) in that he reportedly died inside a tank. According to Russian reports, when Khordaev’s tank was hit by Ukrainian fire it burst into flames. Khordaev is said to have tossed his colleagues from the burning tank but was unable to save himself and was consumed by the raging inferno. We appreciate his devotion to making the list.
#178 - Alexander Vladimirovich Bolotnikov
Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vladimirovich Bolotnikov (Болотников Александр Владимирович) [Cargo ID #490]
A deputy commander of the 98th Guards Airborne Division, Alexander Bolotnikov served primarily as the commander of reinforcements for various VDV units on the frontlines. As the “most trained and experienced officer” present, Bolotnikov was appointed senior tank reserve (and given a tank company to command) in the Kryvyi Rih direction during the Ukrainian Kherson counteroffensive. After Ukraine made its initial breakthrough, Bolotnikov organized a strong defense at Sukhanove and Dudchany that halted the breakthrough. This action cost Bolotnikov his life and earned him his spot in the Top 200. His body was never recovered from the tank he died in.
#177 - Egor Alexandrovich Meleshenko
Lieutenant Colonel Egor Alexandrovich Meleshenko (Мелешенко Егор Александрович) [Cargo ID #283]
Either a battalion commander or regiment chief of staff for the 59th Guards Tank Regiment, Uncle Fester... err... Egor Meleshenko was a veteran of many conflicts, serving in Chechen conflict of 2002. However, Meleshenko was not prepared for what awaited him in Ukraine. On June 26, 2022, he was killed in the village of Grakovo (Kharkiv Oblast) when unbeknownst to him, a Ukrainian artillery unit located his command post. Given his open casket funeral, it seems he made it home in better shape than many of his comrades.
#176 - Vitaly Vasilievich Tsikul
Lieutenant Colonel Vitaly Vasilievich Tsikul (Цикул Виталий Васильевич) [Cargo ID #350]
The Chief of Staff of the 80th Tank Regiment of the 90th Guards Tank Division, Vitaly Tsikul had already be heavily wounded once during just under 5 months of combat. However, Tsikul didn’t learn his lesson, and inexplicably for someone of his position, Tsikul ended up behind the wheel of a tank. A tank that got destroyed by a mortar strike near Zolotarivka, Luhansk on July 20, 2022. This time, Tsikul’s injuries were fatal.
#175 - Ivan Yurievich Budkin
Major Ivan Yurievich Budkin (Иван Юрьевич Будкин) [Cargo ID #192]
Yaroslavl native, Ivan Budkin, was the Chief of Staff of the 2nd Battalion of the 234th Guards Air Assault Regiment of the 76th Guards Air Assault Division. He fought in battles all over Ukraine, including in the Chernihiv oblast, Kyiv oblast, and Kharkiv oblast (where he likely died). His experience and position within such a well regarded unit were enough to qualify him for this spot on the list.
#174 - Sergei Nikolaevich Mikhailov
Lieutenant Colonel Sergei Nikolaevich Mikhailov (Михайлов Сергей Николаевич) [Cargo ID #149]
Sergei Mikhailov’s first major action in Ukraine was commanding a motor rifle battalion (in the 102nd Motor Rifle Regiment of the 150th Motor Rifle Division) in the siege of Mariupol. Almost immediately following the capture of Mariupol, his unit was transferred towards Popasna, Luhansk. Shortly thereafter, on April 22, 2022, Mikhailov was killed in combat near the village of Novotoshkivka, in the Luhansk oblast of Ukraine. Had he survived his participation in the fighting around both Mariupol and Popasna, he could have become a battle hardened commander. Instead, he is helping the Ukrainian agriculture industry.
#173 - Artur Yuryevich Bogachenko
Major Artur Yuryevich Bogachenko (Богаченко Артур Юрьевич) [Cargo ID #881]
The commander of the infamous Prizrak (Ghost) Brigade of the LPR, Artur Bogachenko was only 31 years old but had served in the Separatist militia since 2014. The unit’s previous commander (call sign “Doc”) was killed in the Battle of Bakhmut. Artur was given command and would ultimately fall while attempting to hold the village of Klischiivka, near Bakhmut, in July 2023.
#172 - Alexander Sergeevich Pazinich
Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Sergeevich Pazinich (Пазынич Александр Сергеевич) [Cargo ID #23]
One of the significant early casualties for the Russian Air Force, Alexander Pazinich served as Deputy Commander for Military and Political Affairs for the 14th Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment, 1st Guards Composite Aviation Division. Pazinich flew Su-30SM’s until his aircraft was shot down near Bryhadyrivka, Kharkiv oblast, on March 15, 2022. Both he and his navigator, Captain Evgeny Kislyakov, were killed in the resulting crash.
#171 - Alexey Yurievich Borovikov
Major Alexey Yurievich Borovikov (Боровиков Алексей Юрьевич) [Cargo ID #557]
Considered one of the best helicopter crews in the Russian army, the crew of “Boroda”, Pilot Mikhail Abramenko [Cargo ID #636] and Navigator Alexey Borovikov, possessed 6 orders of Courage between them. Their KA-52 Alligator was shot down near the vicinity of Svatove, leaving no survivors. Both men received the Hero of Russia title posthumously.
#170 - Oleg Ivanovich Evseev
Lieutenant Colonel Oleg Ivanovich Evseev (Евсеев Олег Иванович) [Cargo ID #137]
Little is known about the deceased former deputy commander of the 291st Artillery Brigade, Oleg Evseev, however, he is one of the regrettably few senior artillery brigade officers to fall during the course of the Russian full-scale invasion. His position alone is what qualifies him for the Top 200.
#169 - Alexey Mikhailovich Loshkarev
Major Alexey Mikhailovich Loshkarev (Лошкарев Алексей Михайлович) [Cargo ID #277]
In the early days of March 2022, Alexey Loshkarev was the commander of the 1st Motor Rifle Battalion of the 136th Guards Motor Rifle Brigade. On March 10, Loshkarev decided to assist the soldiers of the 9th company in evacuating the crew of a disabled tank. Loshkarev led the rescue efforts from an IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle). Unfortunately for him, the Armed Forces of Ukraine had arranged an ambush for the party, and after a lengthy struggle Loshkarev and the entire crew of the IFV were liquidated.
#168 - Oleg Vladimirovich Chervov
Lieutenant Colonel Oleg Vladimirovich Chervov (Червов Олег Владимирович) [Cargo ID #31]
Downed early in the invasion, Oleg Chervov was an Su-25 pilot and deputy commander of the 18th Guards Assault Aviation Regiment, 303rd Composite Aviation Division. Chervov ravaged civilian structures in Ukraine daily with bombs and missiles for about two weeks before his Su-25 was shot down. That was the end of his participation in this world.
#167 - Evgeny Ivanovich Sulokhin
Major Evgeny Ivanovich Sulokhin (Сулохин Евгений Иванович) [Cargo ID #213]
A staunch enthusiast of skiing and ice skating, Evgeny Sulokhin's status in the VDV was on the rise. By age 39, Sulokhin had already risen to the position of deputy commander of the prestigious 331st Guards Airborne Regiment. He may have survived a little longer than his boss (Colonel Sergey Sukharev), but Sulokhin would also never leave Ukrainian soil alive. After escaping from the faltering Kyiv axis, Sulokhin was exterminated under uncertain circumstances shortly after his regiment’s reassignment near Izyum.
#166 - Vitaly Saidovich Kulchiev
Major Vitaly Saidovich Kulchiev (Кульчиев Виталий Саидович) [Cargo ID #641]
Advancing up the ranks as the initial invasion took its toll on Russian officers, Vitaly Kulchiev was elevated to the position of tank battalion commander in September 2022. By January 2023, Kulchiev had reached the rank of Major ahead of schedule. However, his career and life were abruptly destroyed thanks to the second large ill-fated assault on the Vuhledar, in January 2023.
#165 - Ivan Alexandrovich Molitvin
Major Ivan Alexandrovich Molitvin (Молитвин Иван Александрович) [Cargo ID #730]
Deputy President of the “All-Russian Union of Veterans of the Special Military Operation”, Ivan Molitivin served as a Battalion Commander for the 71st Guards Motor Rifle Regiment of the 42nd Guards Motor Rifle Division (58th GCAA). He brought combat experience from Syria with him, but quickly found out Ukraine was an entirely different type of opponent. Well liked by both his fellow officers and the rank and file, Ivan left behind a wife and two children after meeting his demise somewhere on the Zaporizhzhia front.
#164 - Dmitry Sergeevich Degtyarev
Major Dmitry Sergeevich Degtyarev (Дегтярев Дмитрий Сергеевич) [Cargo ID #910]
One of the first senior officers of the 56th Air Assault Regiment (a Battalion Chief of Staff) to be killed, Dmitry Degtyarev ended up being one of many high ranking airborne officers to posthumously receive the Hero of Russia title. While he may have contributed to Russia’s successful defense of the Tokmak axis, his efforts ultimately cost him his life. On August 4, 2023, Dmitry was blown up by an FPV drone somewhere near Robotyne.
#163 - Dmitry Alexandrovich Shlyapkin
Major Dmitry Alexandrovich Shlyapkin (Шляпкин Дмитрий Александрович) [Cargo ID #1007]
Nicknamed “Bateya” by his soldiers, Dmitry Shlyapkin served as a tank battalion commander for the 60th Motor Rifle Brigade from October 2022 until July 2023. In the winter of 2022-23, Shlyapkin received a significant leg wound, but recovered and regained his position after a period of treatment and recovery. Unfortunately for Shlyapkin, things only got worse from there, and on July 5, 2023 he was killed by an artillery shell somewhere on the Velyka Novosilka axis.
#162 - Andrei Pavlovich Bespalov
Colonel Andrei Pavlovich Bespalov (Беспалов Андрей Павлович) [Cargo ID #507]
Over a year after his demise, the approximate position held by Andrei Bespalov is still uncertain. There are various posters on VK who refer to him as their regiment commander or regiment chief of staff, but there is no indication which regiment they are referring to. Nor is there any official confirmation. As such, Bespalov for now is relegated to this spot, although if the aforementioned rumors were to be confirmed he would easily be in the top 75 spots on this list.
#161 - Valentin Evgenievich Kuzmin
Lieutenant Colonel Valentin Evgenievich Kuzmin (Кузьмин Валентин Евгеньевич) [Cargo ID #198]
Intelligence Chief of the 2nd Guards Motor Rifle Division, Valentin was intelligent enough to get a degree in Linguistics and to translate English. Unfortunately for him, his "intelligence" didn't learn the lessons of previous work in Chechnya, Dagestan, and Crimea in 2014. Judging by his lack of medals despite his rank, he was likely a staff officer and killed in a Command Post strike. His experience, length of service, and fairly unique position earned him this spot on the list, despite an apparent lack of actual combat experience.
#160 - Yaroslav Nikolayevich Shkurgan
Colonel Yaroslav Nikolayevich Shkurgan (Шкурган Ярослав Николаевич) [Cargo ID #240]
A traitor to his country from as early as 2014, Yaroslav fought for Russia and briefly led the Sparta Battalion of the DPR Militia. This unit, previously led by the infamous Vladimir Zhoga, is known for its brutality and Russian ultranationalist views. Shkurgan is reported to have taken command after Zhoga’s death, but held it for no more than two months before he, himself, was killed in the village of Novomykhailivka, Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine. Command of Sparta Battalion, even briefly, is enough to earn anyone a spot in the Top 200.
#159 - Evgeny Nikolaevich Vyrodov
Lieutenant Colonel Evgeny Nikolaevich Vyrodov (Выродов Евгений Николаевич) [Cargo ID #352]
Evgeny Vyrodov was the Head of Logistics for the 20th Guards Motor Rifle Division. Any logistics officer is a good kill, especially one at the division level, but Evgeny has a special place in our hearts for another reason. He was killed on what we’ve come to refer to as HIMARS Night, July 9th, 2022. This was the night when virtually the entire leadership of the 20th Guards Motor Rifle Division was liquidated in a single strike. The impact of losing a division’s entire leadership all at once cannot be overstated, which is why you’ll find every one of them on this list.
#158 - Alexander Ivanovich Chornobryvy
Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Ivanovich Chornobryvy (Чорнобрывый Александр Иванович) [Cargo ID #1098]
Deputy Commander of the 43rd Naval Assault Aviation Regiment, Alexander successfully intercepted a British Storm Shadow missile aimed at Saki Airfield, in Crimea. Unfortunately for him, he was on the ground at the time, and it resulted in his timely death. Alexander was born in Crimea but signed on with the Russian Aerospace Forces to become a fighter pilot. Ukraine corrected his mistake on the night of January 6th, 2024.
#157 - Vladimir Alexandrovich Aseev
Lieutenant Colonel Vladimir Alexandrovich Aseev (Асеевым Владимир Александрович) [Cargo ID #790]
There are two separate accounts regarding the death of Vladimir Aseev, commander of the 148th Separate Reconnaissance Battalion of the 144th Guards Motor Rifle Division. One states that he was killed while exploring an “unexplored” area of forest in the vicinity of Kreminna, and that he sacrificed his own life to save the men under his command. The other account claims that Vladimir did not die on the battlefield, but was poisoned by Ukrainian partisans behind the lines. Whatever the case, a recon battalion commander is a significant enough kill to secure a spot in the Top 200.
#156 - Name
Colonel Andrey Anatolievich Bozhok (Божок Андрей Анатольевич) [Cargo ID #1045]
Colonel of the 155th Naval Infantry Brigade, details are sparse regarding the life of Andrey Bozhok. He was rather well decorated at the time of his death, and is known to have been previously deployed to Syria. The 155th Naval Infantry Brigade has been destroyed several times over, both in the initial phases of the invasion and around Vuhledar. Andrey was killed when the Ukrainian 72nd Mechanized Brigade nearly wiped out the 155th in October, 2023. TopCargo200 has friends in the 72nd, and you can directly thank (and help) them here.
#155 - Ruslan Ramazanovich Gashiyatullin
Lieutenant Colonel Ruslan Ramazanovich Gashiyatullin (Гашиятуллин Руслан Рамазанович) [Cargo ID #8]
Possessing a service background in GRU/Spetsnaz, Ruslan Gashiyatullin somewhat surprisingly had ended up in the position of Commander of the 1st Motor Rifle Battalion for the 19th Guards Motor Rifle Division, 58th GCAA in months leading up to the “Special Military Operation”. Regarded by his peers as a “true professional”, Gashiyatullin rather rashly decided to personally lead an assault in the first days of the invasion on the city of Vasilyevka, Zaporizhzhia oblast. This rather imprudent decision proved to be fatal as his BMP struck a mine while leading the charge, blowing up Gashiyatullin and his crew. In the years following his death, Gashiyatullin’s stricken vehicle has been transformed into some kind of bizarre memorial by his Russian comrades.
#154 - Name
Major Ramis Faisovich Zagretdinov (Загретдинов Рамис Файсович) [Cargo ID #154]
Since his early childhood Ramis Zagretdinov has dreamed of being an officer in the Russian Military; however, he never imagined his service during a real war would be as brief and uninspiring as it was. From the start of the full-scale invasion, Zagretdinov served as the commander of the 3rd Motor Rifle Battalion of the 35th Separate Guards Motor Rifle Brigade. Although the location of his demise is unclear, it would seem likely on his unit that Ramis perished in the assault on Severodonetsk. His position as battalion commander within the 35th SGMRB secured him his spot on this list, despite his brief participation in the war.
#153 - Alexey Narzullaevich Khasanov
Lieutenant Colonel Alexey Narzullaevich Khasanov (Хасанов Алексей Нарзуллаевич) [Cargo ID #30]
It’s well known that one of the scarcest resources in the Russian military is trained fighter pilots. It was, therefore, easy to justify a place for Alexey on this list. Not only was he a pilot, but he was deputy commander of the 31st Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment. We struggled with his placement on the list though. On the one hand, he was clearly not a very skilled pilot, having been shot down only a few days into the war when Russia had vast numerical superiority in the skies. On the other hand, those early aircraft kills were crucial to maintaining Ukrainian morale in the face of such overwhelming odds. Ultimately we decided the two canceled each other out and placed him based on his position as regimental deputy commander.
#152 - Mikhail Vladimirovich Abramenko
Major Mikhail Vladimirovich Abramenko (Абраменко Михаил Владимирович) [Cargo ID #636]
Another pilot, and the second half of the crew of the KA-52 helicopter “Boroda”, Mikhail Abramenko (call sign "Siphon" Сифон) was widely regarded as being one of the most accomplished attack helicopter pilots in the Russian Air Force. He was killed along with his navigator Alexey Borovikov (see #171 above) when his helicopter was downed near Kivsharivka, Kharkiv Oblast in December ‘22. While he didn’t hold a terribly important position within his unit, he did fly more than 600 combat missions during his time in Ukraine. We are not sorry to see him gone.
#151 - Sergei Aleksandrovich Panov
Major Sergei Aleksandrovich Panov (Сергей Александрович Панов) [Cargo ID #96]
Twice deployed to Syria, and once wounded there, Sergey Panov was no stranger to combat. In Ukraine he commanded the Reconnaissance Battalion of the 21st Separate Guards Motor Rifle Brigade, although briefly. The official Russian account of his death, as told at his posthumous Hero of Russia award ceremony, is that he died when his unit ran into UAF reinforcements on their way to lift the siege around Konotop (in the Sumy oblast). They say he ordered his men to retreat and stayed behind in his IFV to cover their escape. We can’t say how much of this is true, but it is almost word for word what most other obituaries claim these days.
#150 - Artem Igorovich Bardin
Colonel Artem Igorovich Bardin (Артем Игоревич Бардин) [Cargo ID #400]
After a futile, yet vigorous, campaign, Russian propagandists were finally forced to admit the demise of the military commandant of Berdyansk, Artem Bardin. Surprisingly, despite his lofty stature, hardly anything is known about Bardin aside from his position, rank, and the manner of his death. Bardin’s car mysteriously and forcefully combusted one morning, severing his legs with the force of the explosion. While he lingered on this mortal coil for a day or so, Bardin ultimately succumbed to his injuries, gaining the ignominy of being the most prominent commandant of an occupied city to meet their demise.
#149 - Name
Major Aleksey Sergeevich Sukhanov (Суханов Алексей Сергеевич) [Cargo ID #108]
One of the earliest senior marine officers to perish, Alexey Sukhanov was the battalion commander for the 177th Separate Naval Infantry Regiment of the Caspian Flotilla. He died in the village of Volodymyrivka, just outside Mariupol, while personally leading a tank charge. A Ukrainian mortar found him, ending his attack and securing his spot on the Top 200.
#148 - Victor Igorevich Pakholsky
Lieutenant Colonel Victor Igorevich Pakholsky (Пахольский Виктор Игоревич) [Cargo ID #308]
Deputy Regiment Commander of the 39th Helicopter Regiment and Ka-52 Pilot, Victor was very active in the Sivash military propaganda conditioning of russian/crimean youth. He was shot down around Snake Island, while covering the final retreat of Russian forces from the island. Victor was quite young to be deputy commander of a helicopter regiment, indicating he was likely an accomplished pilot and officer. That, along with the morale impact of his death on Snake Island earned him this spot in the Top 200.
#147 - Yuri Alexandrovich Varakin
Colonel Yuri Alexandrovich Varakin (Варакин Юрий Александрович) [Cargo ID #536]
Immensely proud of his service as a tanker, then Captain Varakin was so dedicated to the army that even when the number of officer positions was reduced in 2007, he did not leave the military but continued to serve temporarily as a Sergeant instead. Much later in his career, Colonel Varakin had risen to the position of Chief of Logistics for the 4th Guards Military Base by the time the full-scale invasion began. Yuri’s unwavering dedication would ultimately prove pointless, as he was killed only a few months into the war, on July 3, 2022.
#146 - Sergey Aleksandrovich Savvateev
Colonel Sergey Aleksandrovich Savvateev (Савватеев Сергей Александрович) [Cargo ID #20]
Deputy Commander of the SOBR (Special Rapid Response) unit “Vladimir”, 50-year-old Sergey Savvateev went to Ukraine not expecting to meet any resistance. On March 3, 2022, a mortar attack on their convoy eliminated the entire leadership of the unit, 30km outside Kharkiv. This was the first time in the unit’s 30-year existence that it suffered any personnel losses. Any Spetsnaz operator is a good kill, but the decapitation of an entire Spetsnaz unit so early in the war is what lands Savvateev in the Top 200.
#145 - Denis Igorevich Chernikov
Lieutenant Colonel Denis Igorevich Chernikov (Черников Денис Игоревич) [Cargo ID #795]
“Hero of LPR”, third commander of the Prizrak Brigade, and deputy commander of the 4th Separate Motor Rifle Brigade, Denis Chernikov started out as ordinary soldier. Also known as Doc (was formerly a medical student volunteer in 2014), over the course of a decade he rose to command the Prizrak Battalion after the death of the previous commanders, Aleksey Mozgovoy (2015) and Aleksey Markov (2020). Chernikov was mortally wounded on the same day as Colonels Vyacheslav Makarov and Evgeny Tikhno were killed. As they were the commander and chief of staff of the 4th brigade, we assess it highly likely the command of the 4th SMRB was meeting when a HIMARS rocket found them.
#144 - Mustafa Kureyshevich Bokov
Lieutenant Colonel Mustafa Kureyshevich Bokov (Боков Мустафа Курейшевич) [Cargo ID #769]
A participant in the illegal invasion and annexation of Crimea, this time Mustafa Bokov was the commander of a motor rifle battalion for the 71st Guards Motor Rifle Regiment of the 42nd Guards Motor Rifle Division. He was repeatedly wounded during the course of the conflict but returned to action each time. His luck finally ran out on May 15, 2023, when the 36-year-old was killed while performing “a combat mission”. Posthumously, Bokov received the Hero of Russia title, solidifying his position in our Top 200.
#143 - Alexey Valerievich Statsenko
Colonel Alexey Valerievich Statsenko (Стаценко Алексей Валерьевич) [Cargo ID #101]
At his time of death, Colonel Statsenko was a brigade commander and a deputy commander of the 1st Army Corps of the DPR Militia (which has now been fully incorporated into the Russian Army Command Structure). Previously Alexey Served in The 131st Motorized Rifle Brigade, which became the 7th Military Base. He was yet another Russian military officer who just so happened to be vacationing in Donetsk with all of his gear, weapons, and subordinates, when the fighting started in 2014. In 2015 he officially signed on with the 1st Army Corps. His career came to an abrupt end at Volnovakha, Donetsk Oblast on March 31st, 2022. A deputy army commander with nearly a decade of combat experience inside Ukraine is an easy inclusion in the Top 200.
#142 - Vadim Vyacheslavovich Lemesh
Major Vadim Vyacheslavovich Lemesh (Лемеш Вадим Вячеславович) [Cargo ID #228]
Previously a battalion commander in 2020, Vadim Lemesh was recalled into his old role as battalion commander of the 102nd Motor Rifle Regiment after the previous battalion commander, Sergei Mikhailov, was killed. After participating in the siege of Mariupol, Lemesh's battalion was eventually transferred to the Maryinka direction. Not long afterward, Lemesh would meet his fate. On August 6, 2022, Lemesh was hit by an artillery shell reportedly after pushing aside a subordinate, and he perished instantly. All that Lemesh got for his efforts was a posthumous award of the Hero of Russia.
#141 - Andrei Vladimirovich Bryzgalin
Colonel Andrei Vladimirovich Bryzgalin (Андрей Владимирович Брызгалин) [Cargo ID #431]
The appropriate position for Andrey Bryzgalin on this list is difficult to determine. It is known that several years ago, he was a Motor Rifle Brigade deputy commander. His daughter says that he was affiliated with the 104th Guards Air Assault Regiment of the 76th Guards Air Assault Division. Given this likely affiliation, his rank, and the amount of brass on his chest, Bryzgalin almost certainly held a significant position when he was killed. This place on the list is likely a conservative estimate, but without further confirmation of his position, we cannot place him any lower (or higher? However you would describe “closer to #1”).
#140 - Vadim Sergeevich Gerasimov
Lieutenant Colonel Vadim Sergeevich Gerasimov (Герасимов Вадим Сергеевич) [Cargo ID #235]
Falling in the 1st Battle of Izyum, Vadim was a native of Kotelnikovo, Volgograd oblast, who served as the commander of a battalion in the 138th Separate Guards Motor Rifle Brigade during the opening stages of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine. According to (grotesquely exaggerated) Russian accounts Gerasimov and his unit became surrounded by Ukrainian forces somewhere near Izyum. Gerasimov was allegedly slain while covering the withdrawal of his battalion. It should be noted that it appears Bellingcat (initial reporter and the main source of the claim) may have accidentally misidentified the slain Vadim as Major General Vitaly Petrovich Gerasimov who unfortunately appears to have actually survived (and by now may be a Lt. General).
#139 - Name
Major Aleksander Grigoryevich Chirva (Чирва Александр Григорьевич) [Cargo ID #124]
In the photos of the devastating Tochka U attack on the port of Berdyansk on March 24, 2022, most of the attention is rightly focused on the destroyed Landing Ship Saratov. But in some of the photos one of the accompanying Ropucha Class landing ships (the Caesar Kunikov) can be seen with its bridge ablaze. On that bridge Aleksander Chirva was cooking to a nice medium rare. He would marinate in the hospital for about two weeks before finally succumbing to his wounds on April 11, 2022.
#138 - Vladimir Gennadievich Kochetkov
Colonel Vladimir Gennadievich Kochetkov (Кочетков Владимир Геннадьевич) [Cargo ID #932]
52-year-old Vladimir Kochetkov, call sign "Armor" (Броня), was a happily retired Lieutenant Colonel before Russia’s invasion. In June 2022 he signed up with the 1232rd Motorized Rifle Regiment and by October he was made deputy commander of the regiment. By the following August he’d been promoted to a full Colonel and placed in command of the unit. On August 17th, 2023, he decided to lead a combat action personally… not the wisest decision when you’re a fat old man. His heart gave out before the Ukrainian forces could take a shot at him.
#137 - Egor Alexandrovich Boldyrev
Lieutenant Colonel Egor Alexandrovich Boldyrev (Болдырев Егор Александрович) [Cargo ID #896]
Egor is a rather unique entrant on the top 200, as he is here almost entirely because of the significance of his previous position. In 2018, Boldyrev was the commander of the 7th Guards Motorized Rifle Regiment of the 11th Army Corps, which is a very prestigious unit. Given the time that has passed since then, and an apparent absence of scandals, Egor was probably a deputy commander or chief of staff of a brigade by the time he was killed. Nevertheless, because there is no direct evidence of this it is impossible for us to place him any lower (higher?) than this at the moment.
#136 - Yevgeny Alexandrovich Vashunin
Colonel Yevgeny Alexandrovich Vashunin (Вашунин Евгений Александрович) [Cargo ID #885]
Unlike most of his contemporaries who use their Storm Detachments as fodder, Yevgeny cared at least enough to risk his own life for one particular detachment near Bakhmut. Commander of the 1486th Motorized Rifle Regiment, Yevgeny decided to personally lead a rescue operation for a Storm Detachment that was at risk of encirclement by Ukrainian forces. He would never make it to the men he was trying to rescue, though, falling victim to a well placed mortar shell instead. He was posthumously awarded the Hero of Russia title, as well as this spot in the Top 200.
#135 - Alexey Vladimirovich Titov
Colonel Alexey Vladimirovich Titov (Титов Алексей Владимирович) [Cargo ID #919]
Frustratingly little is known about Alexey Titov other than that he was Colonel, and that he had a very intriguing date of death: July 9, 2022. Those of you that have been with us for a while may recognize this date as “HIMARS Night”. This was the night that a HIMARS strike decimated the leadership of the 20th Guards Motor Rifle Division. We are aware of two large casualty events on this date, one involving a VDV unit, and one involving the 20th GMRD. Alexey has no discernable link to the VDV, indicating he was likely either a part of the 20th, or a 1-off kill somewhere else on the front lines. What secured him a spot in the Top 200 with so little solid information about him, is that he was awarded the Order of Merit to the Fatherland 4th Class (posthumously). Only 274 other people have ever been given this award, meaning he definitely accomplished something in his life, even if we don’t know what.
#134 - Alexey Viktorovich Kharechko
Colonel Alexey Viktorovich Kharechko (Харечко Алексей Викторович) [Cargo ID #443]
The Deputy Commander of the 4th Guards Military Base, Alexey Kharechko’s demise is one of the most bizarre recorded so far by anyone on the Top 200. He reportedly perished at Kamianka-Dniprovska (near the Nuclear Power Plant at Enerhodar) as the result of a mine detonation. However, this area had been under Russian control since early March of 2022 and there was no record of any actions in this area. Thus, it appears that Kharechko either fell victim to his own side’s mine, or to partisan activity that Russia wants to cover up as their own ineptitude.
#133 - Vladimir Viktorovich Kuznetsov
Colonel Vladimir Viktorovich Kuznetsov (Кузнецов Владимир Викторович) [Cargo ID #804]
Vladimir is another fairly unique entry on this list, as he didn’t die in Ukraine and wasn’t killed by Ukrainians. At the time of his death, Vlad was commanding the 1009th Motor Rifle Regiment in Novaya Tavolzhanka, Belgorod. Unfortunately for him, the Russian Volunteer Corps decided to liberate the area on June 4, 2023, and Vlad got caught in their crosshairs. He was killed alongside Colonel Andrey Stasev, who earned a much more prominent place on this list.
#132 - Roman Sergeevich Torokhov
Colonel Roman Sergeevich Torokhov (Торохов Роман Сергеевич) [Cargo ID #1125]
Recipient of the Hero of Russia and Hero of the DPR awards, Roman Torokhov was killed when his vehicle was destroyed by a Ukrainian cluster munition strike. Aside from his relatively young age, and the fact that he was incredibly heavily decorated, not much is known about Torokhov. We know from his medals that he deployed to Syria and Georgia, and that he saw significant amounts of combat while there. Given his experience and rank, he was likely a Regiment or Brigade commander well on his way toward making General. Unfortunately, without any more information, we can’t place him more prominently on this list.
#131 - Igor Dmitrievich Murzin
Colonel Igor Dmitrievich Murzin (Мурзина Игоря Дмитриевича) [Cargo ID #298]
A 30 year veteran of the SOBR unit “Kuzbass”, and its commander at the time he was killed, Igor died on the second day of Russia’s full-scale invasion. We don’t have information on where it happened, but according to the Russian sources he “while covering the retreat of his comrades with fire”. You may be starting to see a pattern with how all these officers are officially dying...
#130 - Alexander Vadimovich Yurkevsky
Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vadimovich Yurkevsky (Юркевский Александр Вадимович) [Cargo ID #1040]
Originally a graduate of Stavropol Higher Military Aviation School, it is surprising to find Alexander in command of a VDV battalion in Ukraine. His strange command ended abruptly near Buryakovsky island (Kherson Oblast) on September 22, 2023. Almost exactly a year to the day earlier, Alexander’s younger brother Sr. Lt. Ivan Yurkevsky was killed near the village of Maksymyvka, Mykolaiv oblast. Despite his strange path to it, holding command of a battalion in such a prestigious unit is enough to secure Alexander his spot in the Top 200.
#129 - Alexei Leonidovich Smirnov
Lieutenant Colonel Alexei Leonidovich Smirnov (Смирнов Алексей Леонидович) [Cargo ID #246]
One of dozens of senior officers to perish in the vicinity of Izyum, Alexei Smirnov served as the Chief of Communications of the 98th Guards Airborne Division. Aside from that, not much is known about Smirnov or the particular circumstances of his death. However, his position as chief of communication for a VDV division is still more than sufficient to land him this spot on the Top 200.
#128 - Vyacheslav Aleksandrovich Lebedinsky
Major Vyacheslav Aleksandrovich Lebedinsky (Лебединский Вячеслав Александрович) [Cargo ID #846]
A participant in the CSTO operation in Kazakhstan, Vyacheslav served as Battalion Commander (likely for an artillery battalion given his background) for the renowned 331st Guards Air Assault Regiment. Previously, the 331st had suffered severe losses in the opening stages of the invasion, including its commander, and the casualties have not stopped since. Lebedinsky perished after his position was overwhelmed by Ukrainian forces somewhere near Bakhmut on June 27, 2023. Commanding a battalion within the 331st got him into the Top 200, and being a (likely) artillery officer killed near Bakhmut secured this spot.
#127 - Dmitriy Viktorovich Radionov
Lieutenant Colonel Dmitriy Viktorovich Radionov (Радионов Дмитрий Викторович) [Cargo ID #505]
Although the rank and file of the 11th Army Corps was largely decimated by Ukrainian advancing forces in the Kharkiv counteroffensive most of its senior officers appeared to escape with their lives intact. Dmitry Radionov, the 11th Army Corps’s Chief of Intelligence was the notable exception. Not much else is known about him, but a Chief of Intelligence for an entire Army Corps is well deserving of a spot in the Top 200.
#126 - Fedor Zakharovich Babaev
Colonel Fedor Zakharovich Babaev (Федор Захарович Бабаев) [Cargo ID #480]
Spetsnaz Colonel Babaev, rose far and rose fast, achieving the rank of Colonel by the time he was 35. Much of his career is hidden, but his medals speak of his achievements. Any Spetsnaz kill is a good result for Ukraine, and killing one as highly ranked and respected as Fedor is especially noteworthy. The Colonel was ultimately liquidated on October 14th 2022, likely in the Kharkiv area.
#125 - Alexander Sergeevich Lopin
Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Sergeevich Lopin (Лопин Александр Сергеевич) [Cargo ID #564]
A native of the Belgorod region, Alexander Lopin was a highly decorated Airborne (VDV) officer who served as a battalion commander for the 108th Guards Air Assault Regiment of the prestigious 7th Mountain Guards Air Assault Division. While the exact circumstances of Lopin’s death are not currently known, it is known that died near the village of Maksymivka, Mykolaiv oblast, on October 1, 2022. VDV battalion commanders are typically younger, and more valuable, than motor rifle or tank battalion commanders. This, along with his already extensive combat experience, and likely future career trajectory is what earned him this spot in the Top 200.
#124 - Alexander Alexandrovich Savelyev
Major Alexander Alexandrovich Savelyev (Савельев Александр Александрович) [Cargo ID #263]
Another early shoot down, Alexander was an Mi-28 helicopter pilot and deputy commander of the 487th Separate Helicopter Regiment. The kill was achieved with a 9K38 Igla MANPAD near the village of Malinovka, Zaporizhzhia. Not much is known about his prior service, but Alexander has become fairly well known for his now-famous One Wolf Moon shirt. The shirt doesn’t secure him this spot, that’s thanks to his position as DC of a regiment, but we won’t pretend it didn’t give us an extra smile to include him. Unrelated to his spot on the Top 200, Alexander’s sister is married to a retired Major Alexander Simonov. We eagerly await the day we can give him his own Cargo Card.
#123 - Sergey Sergeevich Koshelev
Lieutenant Colonel Sergey Sergeevich Koshelev (Кошелев Сергей Сергеевич) [Cargo ID #520]
Sergey served as a Battalion Commander for the 137th Guards Airborne Regiment of the 106th Guards Airborne Division. A native of Belarus, Koshelev was the brother of two-time European champion, and world champion volleyball player, Tatyana Kosheleva. Sergey was eliminated by a HIMARS strike on his command post near Kherson, on November 9, 2022.
#122 - Alexey Nikolaevich Osokin
Major Alexey Nikolaevich Osokin (Осокину Алексею Николаевичу) [Cargo ID #17]
One of the most significant Hostomel fatalities, Alexey Osokin served as the commander of the 2nd battalion of the 31st Separate Guards Air Assault Brigade. After initially capturing the Hostomel airfield, Osokin and his battalion were suddenly overwhelmed by a fierce Ukrainian counterattack on March 3, 2022. While attempting to evacuate his unit, Osokin was hit by sniper fire, the wound causing his body to rapidly approach room temperature. We place a little extra importance on Hostomel casualties, because had Russia maintained control of that airport, the entire course of the war could have shifted.
#121 - Name
Major Vladimir Alexandrovich Chepa (Чепа Владимир Александрович) [Cargo ID #863]
During the course of the Summer 2023 Ukrainian counteroffensive, one of the Russian units most severely depleted by the vicious fighting was the (seemingly cursed) 810th Separate Guards Naval Infantry Brigade. Vladimir, the commander of a reconnaissance battalion, represents the brigade’s most senior known fatality during this time frame. Chepa met his end during a reconnaissance mission gone awry near Robotyne. He intended to obtain additional information about the location of UAF units using a UAV. However, just as he discovered a significant Ukrainian force, they found him as well. His unit was quickly surrounded and overrun. In a last ditch effort to prevent a breakthrough by the Ukrainian forces, Chepa called in artillery fire onto his own position. According to Russian sources this succeeded in rebuffing the assault - the actual truth of that is yet to be determined.
#120 - Grigory Dmitrievich Khudik
Lieutenant Colonel Grigory Dmitrievich Khudik (Худик Григорий Дмитриевич) [Cargo ID #403]
Already wounded once in May 2022, Grigory, who commanded a parachute battalion of the 237th Guards Air Assault Regiment, would not be so lucky the second time. A casualty of the Kherson counteroffensive, Grigory would make his last stand near Bilohirka, where his command post was overwhelmed by Ukrainian artillery and MLRS fire. The shrapnel would prove fatal for Khudik, thus ending the life of another of the war criminals whose troops ruthlessly slaughtered innocent civilians in the Irpin/Bucha/Hostomel area. We can only hope it didn’t kill him too quickly.
#119 - Aleksey Vasilyevich Sharshavov
Lieutenant Colonel Aleksey Vasilyevich Sharshavov (Шаршавов Алексей Васильевич) [Cargo ID #85]
The final commander of the 171st Separate Air Assault Battalion (it was merged into the newly reformed 56th Guards Air Assault Regiment in December 2021), Alexey was extremely popular with both officers and enlisted men alike. So much so that they gave him the call sign “Dad”. He didn’t last long in Ukraine, dying in the opening stages of the full-scale invasion after entering the outskirts of Mykolaiv city. In the end, “Dad” became another notable casualty of the inept General Arkadiy Marzoev, who had failed to conduct proper reconnaissance before sending Sharshavov and his men on their doomed assault.
#118 - Sergei Leonidovich Nikulin
Lieutenant Colonel Sergei Leonidovich Nikulin (Никулин Сергей Леонидович) [Cargo ID #531]
Out of the 45 years that Sergei spent on Earth, 28 of them were in the Russian Army. All of that ended in the Fall of 2022 when, like so many other senior officers of the VDV, he fell prey to the Ukrainian counteroffensive in Kherson. By the time he was killed, Sergei had risen to Chief of Communications and Deputy Chief of Staff for the 76th Guards Air Assault Division. While the circumstances of his death are not officially disclosed, some sources suggest that he died when the air defense unit he was with was blown up by an MLRS strike.
#117 - Vladimir Viktorovich Miroshnichenko
Lieutenant Colonel Vladimir Viktorovich Miroshnichenko (Мирошниченко Владимир Викторович) [Cargo ID #972]
A native of Ussuriysk in the Far East, Vladimir was a battalion commander of the 83rd Separate Guards Air Assault Brigade, and was a highly decorated airborne officer. Hewas a veteran of various campaigns in the Caucasus, and the Donbas region in 2014. Yet despite the copious amounts of praise, he died a very stupid and pointless death. For some unknown reason, Miroshnichenko decided to venture out into the open somewhere near Klyshchiivka and was promptly eliminated by a Ukrainian fireteam on October 6, 2023. The entire incident was caught on video by a drone overhead.
#116 - Name
Lieutenant Colonel Sergey Fyodorovich Koval (Коваль Сергей Фёдорович) [Cargo ID #370]
One of the many notable casualties of the HIMARS strike that decapitated the leadership of the 20th Guards Motor Rifle Division, Sergey Koval was a veteran of Chechnya, Georgia, and Syria. Sergey was the Chief of Operations for the division, a fairly important position, which makes him worthy of his placement here. The cherry on top is his elimination via HIMARS with the rest of the leadership of the 20th Guards Motor Rifle Division.
#115 - Sergey Valeryevich Rzhavin
Major Sergey Valeryevich Rzhavin (Ржавин Сергей Валерьевич) [Cargo ID #316]
The first senior member of the Special Operations Center “Senezh” to perish in Ukraine, at 32 years old Sergei was still young for his rank. While the exact manner of his death has been withheld, his death in combination with at least 8 other senior officers of “Senezh” is a severe blow to Russian Special Forces. This unit is widely regarded as one of the most elite special forces units within Russia, and the effects of the destruction of so many of its most senior operatives will be felt for a long time. Without more information about the circumstances of his death, we cannot place him more prominently, but being in the top 120 isn’t bad!
#114 - Denis Sergeevich Yagidarov
Major Denis Sergeevich Yagidarov (Ягидаров Денис Сергеевич) [Cargo ID #116]
Denis Yagidarov is one of the more unique recipients of the Hero of Russia, because absolutely nothing related to what earned him the award has been revealed. All that is known is that Yagidarov had been in command of an airborne battalion of the 31st Separate Guards Air Assault Brigade since 2019, and that his death occurred somewhere near Izyum (like many on this list). Prior to his death he didn’t hold any significant awards, nor did he seem to distinguish himself academically. Beyond achieving battalion command in a well regarded unit, all that really stands out about him is the unusual secrecy around his Hero of Russia award.
#113 - Alexander Vyacheslavovich Smirnov
Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vyacheslavovich Smirnov (Смирнов Александр Вячеславович) [Cargo ID #282]
The Deputy Commander of the 11th Separate Guards Air Assault Brigade, Alexander was another relatively unknown, yet prestigiously positioned, officer who died via HIMARS. Since the first day of the war, he was detached to serve with the LPR’s 6th Separate Cossack Rifle Regiment, a posting that ultimately led to his death when Ukrainian forces located the unit’s command post on July 1, 2022. To date, Alexander is the only person on our list to be awarded the LPR’s “Order of of Cossack Valor”.
#112 - Yevgeny Alekseevich Agafonov
Lieutenant Colonel Yevgeny Alekseevich Agafonov (Агафонов Евгений Алексеевич) [Cargo ID #830]
Going from hero to zero, Evgeny Agafonov (call sign “Sail”) had garnered substantial accolades for repulsing a Ukrainian assault in October 2022. On June 19th, 2023, he gave an interview from inside Bakhmut, talking about how they were having very little trouble defending against the UAF. Two days later his unit was overrun in a pitched, 8-hour battle. “Sail” took mortar shrapnel during the fighting, and eventually bled out on the battlefield. He was nominated for a Hero of Russia award, but was turned down. We won’t be so stingy, though. As Deputy Commander for Military-Political Work of the 11th Separate Guards Air Assault Brigade (the same unit as Smirnov above), he is more than qualified for this spot on the Top 200.
#111 - Pavel Andreevich Kislyakov
Lieutenant Colonel Pavel Andreevich Kislyakov (Кисляков Павел Андреевич) [Cargo ID #274]
Pavel was the Deputy Chief of Staff and Chief of Operations for the 11th Separate Guards Air Assault Brigade (sound familiar?). Chief of Operations is a very critical position, especially in regards to strategic planning, so the loss of Kislyakov likely had a much larger impact on the effectiveness of the unit as a fighting force than either of the two above. What is more important to look at, however, is the effect of so many senior casualties in such a short time frame. And these are not the only men from the 11th that you’ll be seeing on this list.
#110 - Denis Mikhailovich Sorokin
Lieutenant Colonel Denis Mikhailovich Sorokin (Сорокин Денис Михайлович) [Cargo ID #341]
Seeing significant action in the opening stages of the full-scale invasion, Denis participated in the capture of Kherson, and the initial capture of the (now) notorious Chernobaevka airport. He was killed not long afterwards, on March 19, 2022, when his convoy was targeted near Melitopol. He was mortally wounded by shrapnel from a mortar shell during the fighting. Denis was the commander of an airborne battalion for the 11th Separate Guards Air Assault Brigade, and like many of his fellow VDV on this list, was posthumously awarded the Hero of Russia.
#109 - Anatoly Sergeevich Vasin
Lieutenant Colonel Anatoly Sergeevich Vasin (Васин Анатолий Сергеевич) [Cargo ID #357]
Anatoly was a battalion commander in the 16th Separate Guards Spetsnaz Brigade of the 8th Directorate (GRU). Given his education at the Nizhny Novgorod Higher Military School of Logistics, it is likely he commanded the Brigade Management Battalion. Like so many others in the Top 200, Anatoly died in the Izyum area. As we’ve discussed before, the elimination of logistics officers is incredibly impactful, and that is only multiplied when the officer in question is a part of such an elite unit.
#108 - Alexander Dmitrievich Makarov
Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Dmitrievich Makarov (Макаров Александр Дмитриевич) [Cargo ID #616]
Heavily decorated from the first year of the invasion, Alexander commanded an ariborne battalion of the 217th Guards Airborne Regiment. In April 2022, Makarov allegedly prevented an ambush from routing his unit, and later in May 2022 personally helped evacuate his severely wounded chief of staff. However, in unclear circumstances, Alexander’s luck would run dry on January 17, 2024. As usual, the Russians assert that he died an heroic death but, of course, they don’t give any specifics. Whatever the case, he ended up yet another slain VDV battalion commander with a posthumous Hero of Russia award.
#107 - Alexander Sergeyevich Dosyagayev
Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Sergeyevich Dosyagaev (Досягаев Александр Сергеевич) [Cargo ID #205]
At 32 years old, Alexander was extremely young to command a battalion of the 104th Guards Air Assault Regiment, and had seemed to be destined for high command. However, all of that changed on May 25, 2022, near the city of Vasilyevka, Zaporizhzhia. After breaking through Ukrainian positions, his unit came under intense artillery fire. In the ensuing carnage, Alexander received wounds incompatible with life, cutting short his promising career. Those of you with good pattern recognition have probably already guessed that he, too, was awarded the Hero of Russia posthumously.
#106 - Pavel Viktorovich Krivov
Lieutenant Colonel Pavel Viktorovich Krivov (Кривов Павел Викторович) [Cargo ID #413]
In the fall of 2022, most of the VDV had been relocated from the Balaklia/Izyum direction towards Kherson. However, a small bastion remained that was lead by Pavel Krivov, a battalion commander in the 137th Guards Airborne Regiment. Thus, when the Ukrainian counteroffensive in the area came, the VDV detachment was quickly overwhelmed. While Pavel tried to hold the line at Balaklia, he ultimately failed, losing his life in the process. Lest you think we’d be breaking the streak quiet yet, fear not, he also got a posthumous Hero of Russia.
#105 - Sergey Alekseevich Truntov
Major Sergey Alekseevich Truntov (Трунтов Сергей Алексеевич) [Cargo ID #1050]
One of the last few Majors to make the Top 200, Sergei is almost the prototypical Russian Spetsnaz operator. He was an avid mountaineer, SCUBA diver, boxer, wrestler, and skydiver. He started his career in the GRU’s 22nd Separate Guards Spetsnaz Brigade, before earning his spot in the elite Special Purpose Center “Kubinka-2” unit. At only 35 years old, Sergei seemed destined for an exceptional career in the Spetsnaz community. However, his climb was cut short in the village of Krasnaya Polyana (Donetsk Oblast), at the hands of a Ukrainian artillery unit on August 19, 2023. He took shrapnel wounds in both lungs, and died on the spot. Like most of his career, the details about what actions earned him his posthumous Hero of Russia award remain undisclosed.
#104 - Name
Lieutenant Colonel Dmitry Mikhailovich Lisitsky (Лисицкий Дмитрий Михайлович) [Cargo ID #701]
There is far too much to say about Dmitry for this small space. He commanded an Air Assault Battalion in the 247th Guards Air Assault Regiment. He was awarded the Hero of Russia for breaking an official ceasefire and slaughtering an entire column of surrendered Ukrainians outside of Ilovaisk in 2015. In 2022 he managed to survive a bungled assault on Kherson that killed his regiment’s commander and chief of staff. The sector commander, Major General Arkadiy Marzoev then threw the 247th at Mykolaiv, where they were surrounded and destroyed nearly to the man. Dmitry managed to escape with his life, but was severely wounded in both legs. While recovering in Stavropol, he received news that General Marzoev had been awarded the Order of Alexander Nevsky for such acts, on March 26. That day Dmitry committed suicide in his apartment.
#103 - Aleksey Valerievich Afonin
Lieutenant Colonel Aleksey Valerievich Afonin (Афонин Алексей Валерьевич) [Cargo ID #392]
Deputy Commander of the 234th Guards Air Assault Regiment, a unit that committed unspeakable atrocities in the Kyiv region, and specifically the city of Bucha, Aleksey is the most senior fatality from his regiment to date. Between his position within the unit, and his almost certain connection to the war crimes it committed, Aleksey is more than qualified for his spot on the Top 200.
#102 - Dmitry Valerievich Lovtsev
Major Dmitry Valerievich Lovtsev (Ловцев Дмитрий Валерьевич) [Cargo ID #713]
Dmitry is one of eight known members of the elite "Senezh" Spetsnaz unit to have died in Ukraine so far. There has been no public mention of what took place on August 4, 2022, but whatever it was resulted in the death of 4 of those 8 Spetsnaz officers. Without anything else to go on, we are forced to judge Dmitry almost exclusively by the unit he served in and the circumstances of his death. Whatever happened to kill 4 senior spetsnaz operators in a single night was surely impactful enough to get Dmitry this spot.
#101 - Vladimir Sergeevich Barakhtenko
Major Vladimir Sergeevich Barakhtenko (Барахтенко Владимир Сергеевич) [Cargo ID #754]
Another senior officer from the 322nd Special Operations Center “Senzeh”, Vladimir commanded the unit’s Sniper Detachment. At only 32 years old, he was incredibly highly decorated. He held two Orders of Courage, the Medals of the Order of Merit to the Fatherland 1st and 2nd class, the Medal for Courage, and many more. He was also posthumously awarded the Hero of Russia. Like most of the other members of “Senzeh”, the details of his life and death haven’t been made public. However, the elimination of the man responsible for leading some of Russia’s best snipers is an excellent way to close out the first half of this list.
#100 - Alexei Yuryevich Avramchenko
Colonel Alexei Yuryevich Avramchenko (Аврамченко Алексей Юрьевич) [Cargo ID #299]
A traitor to his country and his military oath, Alexei defected to the Russian military during their invasion of Crimea in 2014. He proved to be an effective indoctrinator and quickly rose all the way to Deputy Commander for Military-Political work of the 20th Guards Motor Rifle Division. His treachery caught up with him on HIMARS Night, when he was liquidated alongside much of the rest of the leadership of the 20th Division. We wouldn’t ordinarily rate a normal Deputy Commander for Military-Political Work this highly, but the morale impact of such a high profile traitor’s death was just enough to push Alexei into the Top 100.
#99 - Alexander Ivanovich Stefanov
Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Ivanovich Stefanov (Стефанов Александр Иванович) [Cargo ID #381]
Commander of the 1st Airborne Battalion of the 104th Guards Air Assault Regiment, Alexander already had 3 deployments under his belt when he arrived in Ukraine. A battle hardened VDV commander, he had all the experience necessary to cause some real trouble with his battalion. Thankfully, all the experience in the world didn’t protect him from the artillery shrapnel that tore through his leg three months into the war. He was loaded into a BMP and evacuated to a hospital. However, on the way, the BMP drove straight into a minefield placed behind their lines by a Ukrainian sabotage team, and exploded. Despite this, Alexander was still alive, and tried to rally the rest of the men to the fight. Moments later the BMP was struck by an Anti-Tank Guided Missile (ATGM), finally putting an end to Alexander. He was given a posthumous Hero of Russia star for this “heroic” death.
#98 - Maxim Petrovich Kudrin
Colonel Maxim Petrovich Kudrin (Кудрин Максим Петрович) [Cargo ID #311]
A deputy commander for armaments in the 106th Guards Airborne Division, Maxim had been a fast riser but his ascent was permanently halted on July 9, 2022. At this point you probably recognize that date as HIMARS Night. Not only did Ukraine decapitate the 20th GMRD on that night, but also much of the leadership of the 106th GAD. Maxim died alongside colonels Sergey Kuzminov and Andrey Vasiliev. Even though the division’s commander Vladimir Seliverstov (largely unscathed) and deputy commander Roman Borsuk (severely wounded) escaped with their lives, this strike significantly weakened the 106th for the upcoming counteroffensive in Kharkiv.
#97 - Sergey Igorevich Kuzminov
Colonel Sergey Igorevich Kuzminov (Кузьминов Сергей Игоревич) [Cargo ID #293]
A veteran of the invasion of Georgia and the invasion of Crimea, Sergey was a very experienced officer who had garnered numerous combat hours in the lead up to the 2022 invasion. By the start of the war, hehad become the Deputy Commander of Logistics of the 106th Guards Airborne Division. Stationed with much of the headquarters staff in Shakhtarsk, Donetsk Oblast, Kuzminov probably thought himself relatively safe. And he would have been, except that the American made HIMARS had just entered the equation. Sergey jumps just ahead of Maxim (above) simply due to DC of Logistics being a more important position than DC of Armaments.
#96 - Vadim Sergeevich Smirnov
Major Vadim Sergeevich Smirnov (Смирнов Вадим Сергеевич) [Cargo ID #953]
Almost nothing is known about Vadim Smirnov except for the fact that he was the chief of staff of the 247th Guards Air Assault Regiment. That’s a very prestigious position within a very prestigious unit. Regardless of Vadim’s lack of notoriety, his position is more than sufficient to warrant him at least this spot on the Top 200. What makes him even more unique is that he managed to attain this position before he even made Lt. Colonel. While not unheard of, that is a rare achievement. Further solidifying his spot in the Top 200 is that his death came while he was flying in to assault Hostomel airport on the third day of the invasion. Holding that airport was crucial to Ukraine preventing the capture of Kyiv, so his death may have helped change the course of the war.
#95 - Alexander Mikhailovich Ananichev
Major Alexander Mikhailovich Ananichev (Александр Михайлович Ананичев) [Cargo ID #393]
When Lt. Col. Mezhuev, the original commander of the 1st Guards Motor Rifle Regiment, was killed in April 2022, Alexander was named acting commander of the unit. At the time he was a mere captain, and only 31 years old. Within a month of his ascension he was promoted to Major, and within two months he suffered the same fate as his predecessor outside Izyum. He did wind up being awarded a posthumous Hero of Russia, so he’s got that going for him at least.
#94 - Evgeniy Victorovich Tikhno
Lieutenant Colonel Evgeniy Victorovich Tikhno (Тихно Евгений Викторович) [Cargo ID #845]
Retired to the reserves from the Radiation, Chemical and Biological Defense (RKhBZ) troops, Evgeny was caught up in the first wave of Russia’s mobilization efforts. Oddly enough, upon mobilization Evgeny ended up as a Chief of Staff of a Motor Rifle Brigade (4th Separate Motor Rifle Brigade). He seems to have been tossed into the first unit needing an experienced officer, rather than assigned one that he was more qualified for. Like his commander, Col. Vyacheslav Makarov, Evgeny was slain on May 12 in the vicinity of Bakhmut. He appears here slightly before other Brigade Chiefs of Staff because he was pulled out of retirement to serve outside his specialty.
#93 - Denis Gennadievich Davydov
Colonel Denis Gennadievich Davydov (Давыдов Денис Геннадьевич) [Cargo ID #543]
Commander of a Radiation, Chemical, and Biological Protection (RKhBZ) Regiment, Denis was always boastful of the fact that he shared his name with “The Hero of the Russian Patriotic War of 1812” and proclaimed that he “would also become a military hero”. Unfortunately for Denis, he was torn to pieces by Ukrainian artillery only 7 months into the invasion. It is the RKhBZ troops that operate the infamous TOS-1 thermobaric rocket launcher, making Denis’ death by artillery all the sweeter.
#92 - Nikolay Viktorovich Aseev
Major Nikolay Viktorovich Aseev (Асеев Николай Викторович) [Cargo ID #489]
Nikolay was a member of the elite Special Purpose Center “Senzeh”, and had served in combat zones around the world. He held so many prestigious combat medals that the standard time-in-service and jubilee medals didn’t fit on his chest. Despite being one of the few people in history to ever receive the Order of Merit for the Fatherland posthumously, very little is known about his life or death. Without more information about him, we can’t rank him any more prominently than this, even though he almost certainly deserves it.
#91 - Pavel Vasilievich Shtepa
Major Pavel Vasilievich Shtepa (Павел Васильевич Штепа) [Cargo ID #354]
Pavel is one of the four "Senezh" Spetsnaz Officers who died on the August 4th, 2022. The circumstances of their death remain clouded in mystery, the only information released being the boilerplate “he died saving his comrades”. His name appears alongside seven other senior officers on a marble plinth installed at the base of the "Senezh" detachment in Solnechnogorsk, Moscow. The elimination of 4 of the most elite special forces officers in a single day hints at some truly astounding work by the AFU.
#90 - Stanislav Leonidovich Rzhitsky
Lieutenant Colonel Stanislav Leonidovich Rzhitsky (Ржицкий Станислав Леонидович) [Cargo ID #850]
Stanislav was the commander of the submarine “Krasnodar” at the start of the war. This is the submarine that is reported to have launched a missile attack on the Vinnytsia shopping mall on July 14, 2022. The day of the attack, Iryna Dmitrieva posted a social media video of her 4-year-old daughter Liza, the two of them on their way to Liza’s speech therapy class (Liza was born with Down’s Syndrome and the classes helped her enunciate her words more clearly). Less than an hour and a half later, Stanislav’s missile killed little Liza, and left her mother fighting for her life. Almost a year to the day after that, Stanislav was out jogging in Krasnodar when he was ambushed and shot dead by an “unknown assailant”. A fitting end for this scum.
#89 - Nikolai Gennadyevich Kornelyuk
Colonel Nikolai Gennadyevich Kornelyuk (Корнелюк Николай Геннадьевич) [Cargo ID #309]
A native of Maykop Adygea, Nikolai was a seasoned artillery officer, and served as Chief of the Artillery for the 20th Guards Motor Rifle Division. If you’ve read this deep into our list, you can probably guess how he died given his unit and position. If you need one more hint, he met his end on the night of July 9, 2022. For those of you just joining us for the bottom half of this list, we’ve affectionately termed that night “HIMARS Night”. Two very important Russian units lost a good portion of their leadership to the newly arrived HIMARS that night, Nikolai being one of those casualties.
#88 - Denis Viktorovich Glebov
Lieutenant Colonel Denis Viktorovich Glebov (Глебов Денис Викторович) [Cargo ID #25]
Denis, a Deputy Commander of the 11th Separate Guards Air Assault Brigade, was killed during a crossing of the Dnipro River, near Nova Kakhovka, on the third day of the invasion. Initially, the brigade had taken the river crossing with minimal difficulty, but soon UAF reinforcements arrived, and the Russians came under heavy fire. Denis was killed in the fighting, earning him this spot in the Top 200, and depriving the 11SGAAB of an experienced deputy commander for the rest of the war.
#87 - Vitaly Nikolaevich Slabtsov
Colonel Vitaly Nikolaevich Slabtsov (Слабцов Виталий Николаевич) [Cargo ID #88]
The senior most officer of the 83rd Separate Guards Air Assault Brigade to be killed to date, Vitaly perished under unclear circumstances exactly one month into the invasion of Ukraine. His unit was involved in atrocities in the Kyiv oblast, and as a deputy commander, he was certainly aware of them (and most likely condoned, or at least allowed, them). His position, rank, and heavy decorations easily qualify him for this list, but what puts him in the Top 100 is the morale impact his elimination had so early in the war.
#86 - Oleg Zakirovich Tashmatov
Lieutenant Colonel Oleg Zakirovich Tashmatov (Ташматов Олег Закирович) [Cargo ID #444]
Another Deputy Commander of the 83rd Separate Guards Air Assault Brigade, Oleg was a noted tactician. He had previously been awarded a cash prize and the distinction “best scientific work” in 2019 for a paper he published entitled “New weapons - New tactics for the use of Airborne Assault Formations”. Even more heavily decorated than his predecessor, Colonel Slabtsov (above), Oleg was a truly battle hardened commander. On September 24, 2022, he was in command of a section of the right flank in the Kherson direction when a devastating missile strike hit his command post and placed him on this list.
#85 - Mikhail Alexandrovich Nagamov
Colonel Mikhail Alexandrovich Nagamov (Нагамов Михаил Александрович) [Cargo ID #115]
Due to a last minute promotion to Deputy Commander of the Engineering Troops of the Western Military District (a promotion that was not uncovered until this list was finalized) Mikhail should be much further down on this list. He was yet another notable officer who perished in the vicinity of Izyum. Promoted 5 days before his death, Nagamov attempted to make sure his subordinate units carried out their instructed task of demining the area. However, he soon came under heavy artillery fire and died on April 13, 2022.
#84 - Sergei Vladimirovich Buryanov
Lieutenant Colonel Sergei Vladimirovich Buryanov (Бурьянов Сергей Владимирович) [Cargo ID #1062]
Chief of Staff of the 31st Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment, Sergey was killed at Millerovo Air Base in Russia’s Rostov Oblast. His death came as a result of a Ukrainian drone strike, though not in the normal way of these things. The Russian electronic warfare systems managed to down the attack drone, and Sergey made the inexplicable decision to go investigate it in person. We’ll likely never know what possessed him to make such a decision, but we’re glad he did.
#83 - Valentin Viktorovich Danilov
Lieutenant Colonel Valentin Viktorovich Danilov (Данилов Валептин Викторович) [Cargo ID #310]
Fresh off the wildly successful HIMARS attacks of the previous day, Ukraine struck again and once again liquidated a senior officer on July 10, 2022. In this case, it was Valentin Danilov, the head of Missile Forces and Artillery Service of the 58th Guards Combined Arms Army. Breaking through Russia's missile defenses, the first batch of Ukrainian rockets did not hit Danilov, but did destroy his command post. He decided to hang around to record a video of himself amidst the rubble, assuring his family he was safe. After he sent the video, a second volley of HIMARS struck, killing him instantly.
#82 - Vladimir Aleksandrovich Khromchenkov
Lieutenant Colonel Vladimir Aleksandrovich Khromchenkov (Хромченков Владимир Александрович) [Cargo ID #118]
Another officer who betrayed his oath to Ukraine in 2014, Vladimir Khromchenkov has served as the commander of two landing ships, the first of which being the Orsk, and the second, her sister ship, the Saratov. It was while serving in command of the Saratov, that both he and his ship were destroyed in the Tochka U attack on Berdyansk harbor. Surprisingly, Khromchenkov actually lingered longer than his ship, siphoning hospital resources for nearly a month before finally dying.
#81 - Albert Abdylahatovich Karimov
Lieutenant Colonel Albert Abdylahatovich Karimov (Каримов Альберт Абдилахатович) [Cargo ID #163]
Albert was a highly educated, highly accomplished, Spetsnaz commander. He was a part of the GRU’s elite 14th Separate Guards Spetsnaz Brigade. He graduated with honors from the Combined Arms Academy of the Russian Armed Forces, and is one of the few officers on our list to hold both classes of the Medal of the Order "For Merit to the Fatherland", which he earned during combat deployments to Syria. He was killed in early May 2022 in as-yet-unknown circumstances.
#80 - Roman Anatolievich Vdovydchenko
Colonel Roman Anatolievich Vdovydchenko (Вдовыдченко Роман Анатольевич) [Cargo ID #560]
Roman was commander of the Flight Safety Regiment in the 27th Composite Aviation Division. He spent several years bombing Syrians before making his way to Ukraine. After 7 months of bombing civilians, Roman’s plane had had enough. During takeoff it failed to produce sufficient thrust, and rather than climbing into the air he fell off a cliff. He tried to eject, but the barbed wire fence he crashed through was tangled around his cockpit. Roman, his plane, and the barbed wire all plummeted to their fiery end on a rocky Crimean beach.
#79 - Vadim Nailievich Ismagilov
Colonel Vadim Nailievich Ismagilov (Исмагилов Вадим Наильевич) [Cargo ID #1099]
Vadim was commander of the 3rd Radio Engineering Regiment (31st Air Defense Division) out of Sevastopol, Crimea. Details about his life are sparse, but he is the only recipient of the "Watch from the Head of the Republic of Crimea" on our list. Beyond that we know he saw combat in Syria before deploying to Ukraine. He was killed in a Storm Shadow strike on his command post in Sevastopol on January 4, 2023.
#78 - Gadzhikurban Magomedovich Magomedov
Lieutenant Colonel Gadzhikurban Magomedov (Магомедов Гаджикурбан) [Cargo ID #550]
Gadzhikurban was the Chief of Staff and Deputy Commander of the 227th Artillery Brigade. He had been involved in the war since day 1, and thought himself safely behind the lines in the city of Nova Kakhovka. However, the staff car in which he was riding drove into a Ukrainian ATGM ambush team. Moments later, the 227th Artillery Brigade was without a Chief of Staff.
#77 - Vitaly Vitalievich Tabachnikov
Colonel Vitaly Vitalievich Tabachnikov (Табачников Виталий Витальевич) [Cargo ID #930]
Vitaly was the commander of the 112th Separate Helicopter Regiment, and a very experienced Ka-52 pilot. He had flown more than 500 combat missions, with a total of 635 hours of flight time. He was shot down with a MANPAD by a soldier in the Ukrainian 38th Marine Brigade.Vitaly and his navigator (Captain Gavrikov) died in the resulting crash. Vitaly was posthumously awarded the Hero of Russia, and interestingly was buried next to Wagner founder Dmitry Utkin.
#76 - Igor Vladimirovich Zharov
Lieutenant Colonel Igor Vladimirovich Zharov (Игорь Владимирович Жаров) [Cargo ID #93]
Chief of Staff of the 234th Guards Air Assault Regiment, Igor was killed somewhere along the Kyiv axis during Russia’s ill fated assault on the capital. He was very highly decorated, had ample combat experience, and was well on his way towards command of a regiment. His elimination in the first month of the war likely saved countless Ukrainian lives down the line.
#75 - Anatoly Sergeevich Matinov
Lieutenant Colonel Anatoly Sergeevich Matinov (Матинов Анатолий Сергеевич) [Cargo ID #915]
Anatoly Matinov, Lieutenant Colonel and Chief of the Operational Department of the 36th Combined Arms Army, Eastern Military District, was born on January 6, 1978, in Blyudchanskoye, Chanovsky district of Buryatia. A graduate of the Novosibirsk Higher Military Command School in 2000, Matinov served in Syria from 2017 to 2022 and was highly decorated. His death no doubt contributed to the poor performance of the 36th CAA.
#74 - Oleg Viktorovich Kudryavtsev
Lieutenant Colonel Oleg Viktorovich Kudryavtsev (Кудрявцевым Олегом Викторовичем) [Cargo ID #815]
One of the most high ranking officers to be confirmed killed around the hotly contested village of Robotyne, Oleg was the replacement of the 291st Guards Motor Rifle Regiment’s initial commander (Colonel Evgeny Malygin who was promoted to Chief of Staff of the 19th Motor Rifle Division). Interestingly, there are two versions of Kudryavtsev’s death. The first being that he was killed in an artillery strike. The second, and much more unique version, is that someone sabotaged the brake lines on his command vehicle and he suffered a fatal car accident.
#73 - Ruslan Sergeevich Atanov
Lieutenant Colonel Ruslan Sergeevich Atanov (Атанов Руслан Сергеевич) [Cargo ID #1160]
Ruslan commanded the 2nd Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment of the 104th Guards Air Assault Division. A graduate of the Military Academy of Military Air Defense, he was highly decorated, including the Order of Courage and the Medal for Military Valor. Ruslan was killed on July 28, 2023, in Kozachi Laheri, Kherson Oblast, by a HIMARS strike on his OSA 9K33 air defense system. His death marked a significant blow to Russian air defense capabilities in the region.
#72 - Alexander Evstafievich Sorochinsky
Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Evstafievich Sorochinsky (Сорочинского Александра Евстафьевич) [Cargo ID #306]
Alexander Sorochinsky, born January 22, 1981, in Volyn, Ukraine, betrayed his country long ago. He did the Russian’s bidding in Chechnya, Tajikistan, Syria, and Ukraine (2014). For this he was awarded command of the 423rd Guards Motor Rifle Regiment. He was a graduate of the Tver Suvorov School, Moscow Higher Military Command School, and the Combined Arms Academy of the Russian Armed Forces. Alexander was killed near Izyum on July 4, 2022, just days after being given command of his regiment.
#71 - Fedor Evgenyevich Solovyov
Lieutenant Colonel Fedor Evgenyevich Solovyov (Соловьев Федор Евгеньевич) [Cargo ID #152]
Born on May 15, 1977, in Chunaki village, Penza oblast, Fedor served as the commander of the 872nd Self-Propelled Artillery Regiment. A graduate of the Yekaterinburg Higher Artillery Command School, he was previously deployed to Chechnya and Syria, before being killed in Ukraine on April 2, 2022. The death of an experienced artillery regiment commander so early in the war likely had profound follow-on effects for quite some time.
#70 - Denis Valeryevich Mezhuev
Lieutenant Colonel Denis Valeryevich Mezhuev (Межуев Денис Валерьевич) [Cargo ID #117]
Like several others in the top 200, Denis met his end as the result of a failed pontoon bridge crossing of the Siversky Donets river. Commander of the 1st Guards Motor Rifle Regiment since December 2021, he was fatally wounded by mortar fire. Being a part of one of the most prestigious divisions (in terms of reputation), Denis’ death was undoubtedly significant, This is reinforced by his posthumous award of the Hero of Russia.
#69 - Vladimir Sergeevich Bukatkin
Colonel Vladimir Sergeevich Bukatkin (Букаткин Владимир Сергеевич) [Cargo ID #686]
It took over a year before news of his death finally leaked, and to this date we still only have a single image of him, but Vladimir Bukatkin was yet another senior Russian officer fatality in the battle of Mariupol. While there is a complete dearth of information regarding Bukatkin’s previous career, it does appear that he died, like many others, as a result of artillery fire.
#68 - Mikhail Andreevich Nikilin
Lieutenant Colonel Mikhail Andreevich Nikilin (Никилин Михаил Андреевич) [Cargo ID #800]
Mikhail Nikilin, born January 3, 1985, in Voronezh, commanded the 71st Guards Motor Rifle Regiment of the 42nd Guards Motor Rifle Division. A graduate of the Kazan Higher Tank Command School, he was highly decorated, receiving the Order of Courage twice. Nikilin was killed on May 30, 2023, during operations in the Southern Military District, marking a significant loss to the 58th Combined Arms Army. His dedication and leadership were commemorated with posthumous honors.
#67 - Ruslan Igorevich Rudnev
Colonel Ruslan Igorevich Rudnev (Руслан Игоревич Руднев) [Cargo ID #14]
Born February 28, 1981, in Szolnok, Hungary, Ruslan was the commander of (and Su-25 pilot in) the 266th Assault Aviation Regiment. Interestingly, his father served in the same regiment 30 years prior. Ruslan graduated from the Kachin Higher Military Aviation School and worked his way up to regiment command. He was killed in action on the very first day of the invasion, in Donetsk, Ukraine. His Su-25 was downed by Ukrainian fire, depriving the 266th Regiment of their commanding officer only hours into the fighting.
#66 - Denis Alexandrovich Buyanov
Colonel Denis Alexandrovich Buyanov (Буянов Денис Александрович) [Cargo ID #806]
At the start of the invasion, we believe Colonel Buyanov was the Chief of Staff of the 488th Guards Motor Rifle Regiment. However, after receiving rave reviews from his peers, including the former commander of his regiment (Col. Vladimir Koralo), Buyanov was promoted to commander of the 237th Tank Regiment of the 3rd Motor Rifle Division. Fortunately, his tenure was quite fleeting as he was eliminated on June 10, 2023.
#65 - Igor Evgenievich Nikolaev
Colonel Igor Evgenievich Nikolaev (Николаев Игорь Евгеньевич) [Cargo ID #36]
While not much is known about Igor’s life or military career, he did command a highly esteemed unit: the 252nd Guards Motor Rifle Regiment. At the outset of the invasion, they were tasked with conquering Izyum and the surrounding lands. Igor was killed on March 9, only two weeks into the war. Subsequently, his unit would lose more than a third of its men and armor, be replenished by mobilized men, and lose nearly all of them.
#64 - Alexander Viktorovich Bespalov
Colonel Alexander Viktorovich Bespalov (Беспалов Александр Викторович) [Cargo ID #113]
Graduating from the Combined Arms Academy in 2017, Alexander was highly praised by his peers as being a model officer and decisive leader. By 2021, he had risen to command of the 59th Guards Tank Regiment, and was heavily decorated for his “business trips” to Syria and Ukraine (2015). For just over a month, Alexander commanded the troops of the 59th GTR somewhere along the Kharkiv axis. However, on April 1, 2022 his tenure was permanently ended near the town of Mala Rohan.
#63 - Alexander Vladimirovich Zakharov
Colonel Alexander Vladimirovich Zakharov (Захаров Александр Владимирович) [Cargo ID #40]
One of the senior leaders (commander of the 6th Guards Tank Regiment) of the Russian forces on the eastern-axis of the assault on Kyiv, Alexander became the most senior officer to fall in that calamitous failure for Russia. He was eradicated on March 9, 2022, in the city of Brovary. The details surrounding his death have not been made public, but the elimination of a regiment commander only two weeks into the war, and so close to Kyiv is what earned him this spot in the top 200.
#62 - Denis Nikolaevich Lisov
Colonel Denis Nikolaevich Lisov (Лисов Денис Николаевич) [Cargo ID #995]
The commander of a training tank regiment for the 392nd District Training Center in Khabarovsk, Denis seems to have been disliked by the troops under his command. Some soldiers even went as far to exclaim that they could not feel any sympathy for his death because his poor decisions had directly caused the deaths of their friends. Somehow Lisov’s training regiment seems to have found its way to the front (or he received an unknown transfer to a new unit) and Lisov was killed by artillery in an unknown location in Ukraine. The death of a regiment commander is good, the death of a training regiment commander is even better.
Please note that entry to the list was locked as of February 1, 2024, in order to give us time to put this all together in its final form. Any significant kills that happened between then and February 24, 2024, will be added in the Honorable Mentions section at the end of the list.

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