If you would like to help support this site monetarily there are two ways to do so: a single donation or a recurring payment (either monthly or yearly).

Single Donation:

If you just want to show your appreciation and support with a single donation, the best way to do so is through Ko-Fi: https://ko-fi.com/topcargo200

Recurring Payment:

If you want to support the site and get a little back in return, recuring payments are possible through the "Join" button at the lower right corner of each page. 50% of all money received in this way will go directly to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, while the other 50% will go toward hosting fees.

Any recurring payment also gets you access to the various perks listed at whatever tier you choose.

Exact Expense Breakdown:

Expense Price
Web Hosting $12/month
Domain Registration $1.66/month ($20/year prepaid through 2025)
Fliki Subscription $22/month (to create video content for expanding audience)
Labor I do it out of love (for ~3 hours/day)
Total Monthly: $35.66/month + tax

As you can see, it isn't terribly expensive to run this site (aside from the time spent doing so), so please do not feel you need to donate. All donations are greatly appreciated, but if finances are even a little tight, please keep your money. This is a project a started out of love for Ukraine, and one I can pay out of pocket at this level. I post this here just because it's a question I get quite frequently.

Out of morbid curiosity I decided to see what this site would cost if I were maintaining it for a client. To get this figure I simply multiply the number of months since the start of the war by $35 (see expense breakdown above). Then I add in my time, which for the past several years has been billed to clients at $300/hr*.

Estimating about 3 hours per day spent on this project since the start of the war (which is an underestimate to be sure), that's $900 per day that would be billed for my time. Add the hours and monthly expenses together, and as of the day you are reading this, this site represents $ worth of time and materials**.

*Just for the record, that is what my employer gets paid, not what I get paid... unfortunately!

**This figure also does not include any of the time donated by the very dedicated individuals mentioned in the Special Thanks section of the About page