This site was created to track and publicize the hundreds of deaths of senior Russian officers in their war on Ukraine. All entries are researched thoroughly before being added, but due to the limits of open source intelligence and the existence of the fog of war, mistakes will happen (and have). Once an inaccurate entry is discovered it is tagged as "Corrected", rather than removed, in the interest of transparency.

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Special Thanks

Ben Borges (@benbvi3ws) and Version 3.0 of this site would not have come together without him.

The @KilledInUkraine team for their help translating some sources and for looking into some reports that were just too obscure for someone who doesn't read or speak a word of Russian. 90% of the time they beat me to the post, but I maintain that's because they have the time zone advantage! Yea, that's the ticket!

The Mod team on our subreddit for everything they've taken off my plate so that I can keep my focus on research and growing the site.