Assault Detachment Commander.

Unit: Wagner PMC

Rank: Unknown.

Call Sign: "Terek" (Терек)

Nagin, in “co-authorship” with the founder of Wagner, Yevgeny Prigozhin [Cargo ID #365], shot the film “The Sun” about the events in the Donbass in 2014, and also worked on a new film “The Best In Hell”. Prigozhin personally attended Nagin's funeral.

Cargo ID: #438

Full Name: Alexei Nagin

Russian Name: Алексей Нагин

Awarded: Hero of Russia (ph.), Order of Courage (x3)

The film “The Best in Hell” describes one of the battles led by Alexei Nagin. He is described as "an outstanding commander, tactician and strategist who did not hesitate to go into battle with a machine gun in his hands in order, as before, to be in the place of the commander of the assault groups".