War Criminal

Rank: Sergeant

Unit: 5th Separate Guards Tank Brigade, 36th Combined Arms Army, Eastern Military District.

Cargo ID: #390

Full Name: Nikolay Sergeevich Sokovikov

Russian Name: Николай Сергеевич Соковиков

Born: 1995 in Omsk

Registered: Village of Yelovka in Buryatia, an autonomous republic of Russia.

CNN Video of the shooting
Sokovikov, along with another unidentified serviceman, inflicted at least 12 gunshot wounds on the civilians, according to Ukrainian prosecutors. They were part of a group of soldiers who then ransacked the business and loaded stolen goods into a car marked "Tank Special Forces RUS," prosecutors said in a statement.
CNN previously identified the victims. One was the owner of the looted dealership, whose family does not want to be named. The other was Leonid Oleksiyovych Plyats, a 68-year-old grandfather who worked as a guard there.

Full story here:

Ukraine identifies Russian war crimes suspect from CNN report
It was a chilling shooting: Russian soldiers caught on camera killing unarmed Ukrainian civilians as they walked away from an encounter on the outskirts of the capital Kyiv.
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