"Akhmat" Deputy Commander

Nikolay Totov, callsign "Raf", has been identified as the unit deputy during the barbaric torture carried out by the Cowboyrovite [Cargo ID #333].

Unit: "Akhmat" Special Rapid-Response Unit (SOBR), Kadyrovites, assigned to the 2nd Army Corps, LPR

Cargo ID: #336

Callsign: "Raf" (рдф)

Full Name: Nikolay Lavrentyevich (Chilingaryan?) Totov

Russian Name: Тотов Николай Лаврентьевич (Чилингарян?)

Date of Birth: 4 December 1984 (38 years)

Education: Penza Artillery Engineering Institute

Registered Address: Russia, 164170, Arkhangelsk Region, Mirny, Gagarin St, 1, SQ. 3

Registered Address 2: 440031, Russia, Penza Region, Penza, Bataysky 5th Passage, 18.

Phone Number: +7-961-273-2001

Email: artek-80@mail.ru (used password "RIBAH8MECH"), artek89@mail.ru (artek89@wp.pl used the same password "Pokolok089" as his confirmed email, so it is likely a secondary account)

Password History: RIBA8MECH, Pokoloko89, gromozeka84, hjltylh, hjltylhj, hjltylhjy

Passport: 5605556454

INN (Tax ID): 292501338380

SNILS (Government ID): 161-462-827 60

Social Media: VK.com, ICQ (going by Andrei Antonov but registered with his email)

Also Found On: VK.com (Not his account, likely a friend or relative)

Nikolay Totov
See Timestamp 00:39

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