Russian Milblogger

Cargo ID: #1234

Call Sign: "Misha From Canada" (Миша из Канады)

English Name: Mikhail Kasperov

Russian Name: Кашперов Михаил

Date of Birth: September 27, 1966 (age: 57 years)

Place of Birth: Magadan, Russia
Lived at 18421 95a Ave., NW, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, until 2014.

Place of Death: Pozharova Street, Sevastopol, Crimea, Ukraine (via motorcycle crash)

"On the night of April 20, in occupied Sevastopol, the dangerous enemy of Ukraine, Mikhail Kasperov, said goodbye to his life. A native of Russian Magadan, Kasperov moved to Crimea after the occupation. Living on the peninsula, he was engaged in propaganda, raising funds for the Russian military, and also persecuted local residents for their pro-Ukrainian views. This night, while riding his Harley-Davidson motorcycle, he lost control and drove into oncoming traffic. There he collided head-on with a VAZ-2114 car. All that was left of the motorcycle was a pile of debris."

Social Media: (1), (2 - deleted), Facebook, Telegram, YouTube (1), YouTube (2), YouTube (3), Kick

Misha's Last Video Before His Fatal Crash


English Name: Daniel Kasperov 

Russian Name: Даниил Касперов

Social Media: Facebook

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