Communications Specialist, Milblogger - Sergeant

Unit: 4th Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade, LPR Militia

Cargo ID: #1156

Call Sign: "Murz" (Мурз)

English Name: Andrey Sergeevich Morozov

Russian Name: Морозов Андрей Сергеевич

Date of Birth: August 17, 1979 (age: 44 years)

Place of Birth: Moscow, Russia

Place of Death: Donetsk ("Suicide")

For shooting a United Russia sign, possessing weapons, calling for extremism and inciting social discord, he received three years in prison, and was released after two years on parole in 2009. Morozov was probably the first to receive a prison term for posts on the social network.
The second trip to the militia took place in the fall of 2014. Since 2015, Andrei Morozov has already been an active participant in hostilities in the DPR. In particular, he was involved in setting up equipment for the militias, communications, blogged on LiveJournal, and later on Telegram, and collected humanitarian aid. He repeatedly criticized the methods of conducting the special operation, but always believed in Russia’s victory.
The blogger helped set up the first reconnaissance copters. After a post appeared on Morozov’s Telegram channel “They are writing to us from Ioannina” on February 18, in which the blogger spoke about the losses during the capture of Avdeevka, on the air of “Soloviev Live” on the federal channel he was called a traitor and demanded to be brought to justice. Morozov mentions both the post and the journalists in his suicide note.
Murz was one of very few Milblogger's left alive who wouldn't accept Magarita Simonyan's editorial control and remained outside the Kremlins reach. We expect the other very likely to Join "Murz" with a pink tag on this site at some point is Romanov.

Today “Murz” was buried in a cemetery in the city of Golubovka, Luhansk, Ukraine (temporarily occupied)

" Evgeniy , personally, I am the same person who introduced this very term into circulation in March 2023 and, as part of the 1st TerO 4th Infantry Motorized Rifle Brigade of the RF Armed Forces and the KCPN, very actively participated in ensuring that the counter-offensive was successful (so far ) not the same as stated by dill, I’m not laughing now. I feel REALLY bad.
You laugh. And exactly what makes me feel so bad. Over the fact that Syrsky skillfully pulled out of the “cauldron” in Avdeevka, which was “taken for a long time and with difficulty,” even that small part of the Ukrainian troops that could still be “pinched” there.
I feel bad about this because a couple of hours ago they told me numbers that I will still take away from the comments of the Philologist . When you yourself roughly estimate from the text of the published “congratulatory telegram” how much is in the burnt “boxes” - four tank regiments that distinguished themselves in advancing several kilometers over 4 months and one distinguished tank division, how much is this in dead people - this whole list of distinguished motorized rifle units , in which the list did not even include the “St. Petersburg” mobile regiment 1487, “reduced” almost to zero, to a control company and headquarters, which eventually went into another attack when the personnel ended or went into service... not so sucks. "Maybe I'm wrong". But when there are already numbers...
Since October.
From Nevelskoye to Novoselovka.
16 thousand irretrievable losses on our part.
And about 300 units of knocked out armored vehicles.
[end quote from source]
And the enemy, having carried out a defensive battle and suffered, in the best case for us, irretrievable losses of 5-7 thousand during the same time (this is my rough estimate, and not some known data), says “Goodbye!” and falls. To new, pre-prepared positions.
However, that’s not even the worst thing, dear Evgeniy. If, as a result of all this, as well as based on the results of Marinka, a large criminal case had been opened, it would not have been so bad. The worst thing in this story, the worst sign of future new fuckers, is that a soldier from the “destroyed” regiment 1487, when he brings a statement to the St. Petersburg military prosecutor’s office, is refused to accept this statement according to the established procedure , popularly explaining that those whom he wants to punish those who have already been appointed heroes.
And you, soldiers... die in silence .
This is the post that got him Labelled as a traitor and was forced to remove, this led to the "Suicide", full note below;
I won’t tell you all the events of the past day, February 20th. The investigation will establish, hehe. I'll be brief, about ten pages. If it is posted crookedly, the text is in a docx file on the desktop of the laptop, the file is called “ad mirabile futurum”.
Having finished scaring me, pressuring me, convincing me, making sure that in front of them is a person who is not afraid of anything or portrays it very convincingly, many people in my life gave me their last argument - “You won’t change this!”
Today I talked to a man who, knowing me a little, started right away with this. “You won't change this. The elections will be held, and the changes will begin.” I didn’t tell him the meme “Putin and expensive gasoline - 20 years of solving the problem,” let him, I think, look for himself. Look at this meme, Comrade Colonel.
Today, Comrade Colonel, on your order, I was forced to delete the post from my telegram channel “They write to us from Ioannina.” And your command forced you to give this order, relying on good old army collective responsibility. If it doesn’t remove it, we won’t provide supplies. Shells. Copters. New tanks and infantry fighting vehicles. And he, your command, was forced to do this by political prostitutes led by Vladimir Solovyov, who are pissing themselves to come and pull the trigger. Well, I'll do it myself. I will shoot myself if no one dares to take on this trifling matter. And they will give you tanks and copters.
It turned out that I cannot serve under your command, under the command of a man who took over a decapitated brigade in a critical situation in a critical area and “removed” the situation, I cannot serve under you and, at the same time, tell the truth. Demand that the military prosecutor's office in St. Petersburg listen to the shell-shocked soldier near Avdeevka. And, perhaps, other similar soldiers who saw everything and know everything, but cannot tell because they are intimidated.
If I “can’t change anything,” then you will have to win the war yourself with what you have. IF.
From February 21, 2024, you can safely tell everyone who calls you that I do not serve you, and there are no problems with me.
Don’t torment yourself, Comrade Colonel, I am a soldier like all your other soldiers. I died in battle. Igor “Bereg,” a few days before the fateful trip a year ago, told me at our location in Kirovsk, drinking a craft Calvados that I kept in my storeroom, “You know, Murz, I figured out how to explain to myself what the fuck I’m doing here.” ! I am an ordinary Lebanese political strategist. I just have a very strange project!” So, Comrade Colonel, I am a soldier like everyone else, I just have a very strange battle, which I have been waging since June 20, 2005.
My enemies do not come to fight me in hand-to-hand combat, they attack me with the hands of others. Approximately the same way they tried to do it, for example, on May 11, 2007, when the current “conscience of the nation” and “fighter against fakes” Armen Sumbatovich Gasparyan spread a fake about me, which provoked his friends, fans of von Pannwitz from among the far-right youth, for my liquidation. The fact that these are now your hands, Comrade Colonel, is just a special case. The daimyo, who, by the will of the shogun, ordered the samurai to deprive himself of honor and refuse truthful words, should not feel remorse about this - he is simply a conductor of the higher will. Seppuku is optional in this case.
Just never again tell your soldiers before battle, “You won’t change anything!” tell them what John Connor asked Kyle Reese to tell his mother - “There is no destiny except the one we create for ourselves.” That being said, let's personally say thank you to Jim Cameron for this wonderful film, right here in Hollywood. If I manage to “change something,” give me an example to the soldiers.
In the samurai code “Bushido”, which was written down on paper at the moment when the samurai began to forget it, it is written, among other things:
Often revenge consists of simply breaking into the enemy's house and dying.
I don't need to rush into anything. Russia is my home, captured by enemies. Helpful ass lickers of the bosses. Generals who are ready to “sacrifice” thousands of soldiers just to “distinguish themselves.” Journalists who build their careers on lies from the screen.
I'm not tired of fighting this.
I always found new strength to fight. The doctors at the autopsy will probably be curious to know how I stayed on my feet all these years with such guts. Somehow he held on. I would find more strength, and more, but I don’t see the point in fighting further with the means that are available to me alive. They are exhausted, they have lost their effectiveness, and I take out the last resort.
Dear friends, all those who have helped us all these years, all those who are waging this war with all their might, to the fullest, without truces and complacency, realizing that this war is a matter of life and death for the nation, started to protect our people from genocide!
Friends! Don't be sad about my death. Let me spare you the pompous speeches at the funeral, I’ll say everything myself. Just bury me in the cemetery in Kirovsk (LPR), next to the soldiers of the “Ghost” battalion who died from the moment the Minsk agreements were signed until the start of the Northern Military District. Through their deeds and at the cost of their lives, they made possible the day when the desire to preserve and increase personal income nevertheless pushed our cowardly elite to give the order to our army to openly take up arms in defense of the Russian people in the Donbass. The adventure of the swindlers, who take the word “Russian” out of their pockets only when it suits them, naturally failed - the war began. Your job is to end this war with complete military Victory over everyone who takes up arms against Russia, who has risen to defend the Russians. Where this will be, in Kyiv or in Paris, from which the French leadership recently approved terror against our peaceful people in Belgorod, is a technical question. The more weapons these bastards give to the Ukrainian Nazis, the less they themselves will have.
I bequeath it specifically to Commissioner Pashka! DO YOU HEAR? I bequeath you to live until Victory and sew uniforms for your guys from the best Parisian tailors, just like your favorite poet did! Just take a non-Capuchin monastery, your color is different.
Just bury me next to ours and say, “He’s here among friends.” The first to die while I was serving in Prizrak was Sergei Mikhailovich Sereda, a driver from the support platoon. He was killed on January 29, 2019 by a Ukrainian ATGM at the Olimp KNP. Focus on his grave.
I bequeath the rest of the soldiers of this war to never quarrel again about when to celebrate Defender of the Fatherland Day - February 22 or 23. Just drink for two days. Everyone who survives until Victory will have the right to this double day off on the 24th for the rest of their lives. And then it will become a tradition.
Do not need anything else. Go back to your business and kill Ukrainian Nazis as efficiently as possible, with minimal losses.
Glory to Russia, guys!
Andrey Morozov,
guard sergeant of the control company of the 4th Motorized Rifle Brigade of the RF Armed Forces (formerly - NM LPR)
Don't be sad too much or too often. Dilute “Captain Alatriste”, “The Boat” and “When the Fanfare is Silent” with “Rick and Morty” and “Special Agent Archer”, as I did.
If you can, get Kozitsyn, I myself can’t for obvious reasons. When such people die in old age from natural causes, it undermines the people's faith in the Supreme Justice. I am an unchurched person, but our people as a whole, especially in years of great trials, still need such support as Faith. Please, someone see to it that this scoundrel is hanged to his natural death.
As it is written in the Bushido Code:
Recalling the story of the night attack of Mr. Asano's ronin, it should be said that they made a mistake by not committing seppuku in Shongakui, because they defeated the enemy too long after the death of their master. It would be regrettable if Mr. Kira died of illness during that time.
And, of course, since Yudiya Vityazeva did not post the address where I could send a certificate about where I serve and by whom, I, as promised, am posting the statement to the military prosecutor’s office that was not accepted from the soldier of regiment 1487.
Vladislav Ugolny promised to comment on it in detail. I ask him to elaborate on point 4 in as much detail as possible. If possible, Vladislav. Fine? This is about how the command of the hands of mercenaries turned the “mobs” into “penalties”. It seems that you have still analyzed my “forecasts”? Remember them when and if you find yourself in the next stream of mobilized people, who will actually be driven to slaughter not even with machine guns without heavy weapons, but with shovel handles.
I wrote a year ago that we have run out of generals who learned to fight from Yuri Ozerov’s films, only generals left who learned to fight from Nikita Mikhalkov’s films. I wasn't joking. It’s just that people like Comrade Colonel and his soldiers changed a lot in my forecasts. With my help, with the help of the KCPN and the entire civil society of the country, it was they who “spinned the Earth back,” pushing off with their foot” from Uralkavkaz (Google where it is).
[beginning of quoted document]
He then posts a long document regarding complaints to the Russian MOD that they refuse to investigate or listen too