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Unit: Filming with the 503rd Motorized Rifle Regiment, (Rossiya 24)

On the afternoon of November 22, Maksudov was filming a report about the 503rd Motorized Rifle Regiment, near the village of Myrne, when an explosive device was dropped from a drone. The military correspondent received multiple shrapnel wounds, open fractures of the limbs, and his fingers were torn off.

He was taken to the Tokmak military hospital, from where they decided to transfer him to Dzhankoy at night. However, he died on the way despite all the efforts of the doctors.

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English Name: Boris Bakhtiyarovich Maksudov

Russian Name: Борис Максудов Бахтияровича

Date of Birth: November 18, 1985 (age: 38 years and 4 days)

Place of Birth: Nukus, Uzbek SSR

Place of Death: Myrne, Zaporizhia Oblast, Ukraine

The VGTRK website says that Maksudov began working in a print publication, but “soon realized that being a newspaperman was not his calling, and retrained as a television reporter.” His television career started at the Sochi State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company, where he worked as a correspondent-journalist from 2005 to 2007.

Maksudov worked for four years as a correspondent for New Television Kuban: in Sochi (2007 to 2009), then in Krasnodar (2009 - 2011) and for another 2 years in the same position at Channel 9, as this media began to be called in 2011. From 2013 to 2018, the journalist headed the Sochi correspondent office of the federal television channel TV Center.
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