Milblogger/Drone Detachment Commander

Unit: SOBR "Akhmat" Unit, 2nd Army Corps, LPR Militia

Cargo ID: #908

Call Sign: "Carlson" (КАРЛСОН)

English Name: Daniil Aleksandrovich Sukhorukov

Russian Name: Сухоруков Даниил Александрович

Date of Birth: September 6, 1999 (age: 23 years)

Lives in: Moscow, Moscow Oblast, Russia

Awards: Order of Courage

Social Media:, Telegram

In civilian life, Daniel lived comfortably in Moscow, organizing events and parties.
Apty Alaudinov, commander of the AKHMAT special forces, deputy commander of the 2nd Army Corps of the Russian Armed Forces, wrote to on his telegram channel:
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