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Yevgeny Palant and his wife Olga were found murdered. Both spouses had multiple stab wounds on their bodies. “In the village of Zarechye, the bodies of the spouses were found in the apartment: the man has many penetrating stab wounds, the woman has one penetrating in the chest area, a cut wound of the neck and left arm. The door to the apartment is locked from the inside with keys." They were found by their daughter.

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Full Name: Yevgeny Yakovlevich Palant

Russian Name: Палант Евгений Яковлевич

Date of Birth: May 1974 (age: 47 years)

Education: Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics (In 2006 he defended his Ph.D. thesis on the topic "Development of methodological support for managing the motivation of employees of communication organizations.")

Palant owns 33.3% of IC Installation LLC, which builds communication facilities in Russia, its revenue is about 60 million a year. The businessman also has a 57.14% stake in UMT, which is engaged in the creation and use of databases and information resources.
The bodies were discovered by Palantov's daughter Polina, who sounded the alarm after her parents stopped communicating. She rushed to their home in Zarechye, but no one answered the phone and doorbell calls. Then the daughter called the police. At about six in the evening, the door of the apartment was opened. On the eve of the death of her parents - June 26 - Polina celebrated her twentieth birthday.
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