Lukoil VP

Unit: Lukoil (Head of the Lukoil PJSC Supply and Sales Directorate)

Cargo ID: #1186

English Name: Vitaly Vladimirovich Robertus

Russian Name: Робертус Виталий Владимирович

Date of Birth: September 7, 1970 (age: 53 years)

Place of Birth: Murmansk Region, Russia

Place of Death: Moscow, Russia (reportedly via hanging)

Education: Moscow Aviation Institute (graduated 1993), All-Russian Academy of Foreign Trade (graduated 1995), Russian Academy of Public Administration (graduated 2011)

Awards: Multiple medals for his Model Aircraft hobby

"In 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 - champion of Russia, in 2007 - silver medalist, in 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017 - world champion, including in 2011 - bronze medalist and in 2017 - world champion in the team event, in 2019 - silver medalist in the individual event and world champion in the team event."
"Little is known about Vitaly Vladimirovich’s family. In 1996, his wife Natalia gave the MAI graduate a daughter, Yulia, who connected her biography with design. The Robertus family's pet was a pug dog."
"In addition to aircraft modeling and piloting, the man was fond of night golf: at the Night Golf Tournament 2016 in Tseleyev, the team, which included a top manager, took second place."

"He was found hanged in his office. This happened against the backdrop of a real “war” that Robertus waged with the senior vice president of PJSC Lukoil Oleg Pashayev. Robertus complained to friends and relatives that Pashayev was harassing him and persecuting him. At the same time, it was Pashayev who found Robertus dead, and for some reason they did not call the usual ambulance.
Robertus did not have any chronic diseases or family problems, and on the eve of his death his acquaintances saw him in a sober mind and in good health. That is, there is no need to talk about any personal motives for what happened or the disease. The only strange thing that colleagues noted was that the day before, on March 12, he was not in touch and many could not find him. But nevertheless, he was in the office and even held a number of work meetings. All the audiences lately have been internal; Vitaly Robertus has not received guests from outside. He was limited only to audio conferences and occasionally gifts - as a rule, these were collection wines, since the top manager was a connoisseur of them.
Vitaly Robertus was found hanged in his office. And the main suspect in incitement to suicide is Senior Vice President Oleg Pashayev. Lukoil is now actively covering it up. We are publishing a story about the circumstances of the death of Robertus, Lukoil central office doctor Yulia. According to the doctor, the top manager never sought medical help, had no chronic diseases and was absolutely healthy.
“They called and told the man it was bad. And it’s not bad there, there’s a lace there. There was no note...He hung there for three hours, all black already...Oleg Pashaev discovered...The last time the secretary saw him alive was at 11 o’clock, and they called us at 15 o’clock.”

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