Russian Mercenary

Unit: ENOT Corp PMC / 4th Brigade, 2nd Army Corps, LPR Militia

Igor paraded around the skull of a Ukrainian defender killed at Azovstal
A few months later he was shot in the skull. Karma.
Igor died from his wounds on February 8th, 2023. As a Captain he is not qualified for a spot on the list. However, his disrespectful antics with the skull of an Azovstal defender have earned him a Dishonorable Mention.
It's also worth noting that according to the doctors treating him, Igor was likely shot at near point blank range, in the back of the head, with a 9mm pistol. He was in the city of Stakhanovska (nowhere near the front lines) at the time, making this a possible partisan hit.

Cargo ID: #627

Rank: Captain

Call Sign: "Shore" (Берег)

Full Name: Igor Leonidovich Mangushev

Russian Name: Мангушев Игорь Леонидович

Date of Birth: August 16, 1986

Registered Address: Moscow, Proletarsky prospect 23/5, apt. 13; Moscow, st. Sniperskaya 2, building 2, apt. 84

Phone Numbers: +7-495-325-2177, +7-965-274-3538, +7-495-325-5063, +7-903-507-4521, +7-968-526-3189, +7-916-361-1143, +7-905-561-0495, +7-919-995-2407

Birth Name: Reimer Igor Leonidovich (Реймер Игорь Леонидович)

Social Media Accounts:


Full Name: Leonid Abramovich Reimer

Russian Name: Абрамович Реймер Леонид

Employment: Economist, worked in the Department for System Analysis at the Jewish investment company Troika Dialog.

Image taken in 2019 shows him with Captain's epaulets
Igor and his wife
Igor and his daughter
Picture from the first time he invaded Ukraine in 2014