Division Commander

Unit: 150th Motorized Rifle Division, 8th Guards Combined Arms Army

The Book of Russian Torturers updated Mityaev's status to "Alive" on March 24, 2023. They mark this status "as of February 17, 2023". They also now list him as Chief of Staff of the 20th Guards Combined Arms Army. Major General Andrey Yurievich Pyataev was the newly minted Chief of Staff of the 20th GCAA, while Major General Timur Nikolaevich Trubienko was the 1st Deputy Commander. If Major General Mityaev is, in fact, alive and in command of the 20th GCAA, it certainly raises questions about what happened to Pyataev and Trubienko.

Cargo ID: #58

Reported to have died on March 15, 2022, near Mariupol

Full Name: Oleg Yurevich Mityaev

Russian Name: Митяев Олег Юрьевич

Date of Birth: September 20, 1974 (age: 48 years)

Registered Address: Russia, Stavropol, st. Pirogova, d. 50/2, apt. 25

Education: Kiev Suvorov Military School (graduated 1991); Omsk Tank School (graduated 1995); Combined Arms Academy of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (graduated 2009)

Passport Information: series 0700 No. 290209, issued on May 11, 2001 by the Department of Internal Affairs of the Leninsky district of the city of Stavropol

TIN: 263512350208

SNILS: 133-290-309 28

Past Command:

2020-2022: 150th Motorized Rifle Division

2016-2020: 201st Military Base

2015-2016: 1st Motorized Rifle Brigade

2013-2015: 11th Separate Guards Airborne Assault Brigade


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