Rank Corrected - Initial reports of his death describe Andrey as a Colonel; however, a later image clearly describes him as a Senior Lieutenant. The initial report stated he was a Battalion Commander, while the later one called him a Platoon Commander.

Battalion command is well below what would normally be assigned to a Colonel, which raised our suspicions. It is possible that he was recently retired (though given his age this is unlikely), then mobilized and placed in command of a battalion. We could not find any images of him in a dress uniform, so confirming his rank visually has not been possible to date.

We assess it more likely that the initial reports were incorrect, and he was a retired Senior Lieutenant who was mobilized and placed in command of a platoon. As such, until further evidence appears, he is being removed from the list and marked as Corrected.

Unit: 2nd Howitzer Artillery Platoon, Howitzer Artillery Battery, Howitzer Artillery Battalion, 24th Motorized Rifle Regiment70th Motorized Rifle DivisionSouthern Military District

Cargo ID: #1120

English Name: Andrey Sergeevich Mikhnov

Russian Name: Михнов Андрей Сергеевич

Date of Birth: June 6/7, 1981 (age: 42 years)
Note - the posts announcing his death state he was born June 7th, but he entered his birthday as June 6 on his VK profile.

Place of Birth: Ostrogozhsk, Voronezh Oblast, Russia

Place of Death: Oleshky, Kherson Oblast, Ukraine

Social Media: VK.com (deleted)

Awards: Under Investigation

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