Oil Tycoon

Company: Surgutneftegas

Died by "heart attack" while staying in the same hotel, and 3 days before, Pavel Antov [Cargo ID #579] "fell out a window" and died. They were both in India to celebrate Antov's upcoming birthday.
  • Vladimir Bogdanov made his fortune in oil drilling. He was appointed chief executive of Surgutneftegas when he was 33.
  • In the early 1990s he and fellow managers privatized the company, which is famous for its thrift and avoiding expensive purchases.
  • In 2016 he received the Gold Star of Hero of the Russian Federation from Vladimir Putin "for special labor service for the country and people."
  • Bogdanov was often called the "Siberian hermit," because he rarely leaves the remote town of Surgut and avoids public attention.

Cargo ID: #578

Full Name: Vladimir Budanov

Russian Name: Буданов Владимир

Age: 61 years