Vinnytsia Attack - Missile strike that killed at least 23 civilians

Rank: Navy Captain 1st Class (Colonel equivalent)

Unit: Commander, Submarine Division, and Deputy Chief of Staff of the Black Sea Fleet. Also, former commander of the Alrosa submarine.

Cargo ID: #315

Full Name: Anatoly Gennadiyovych Varochkin

Russian Name: Варочкин Анатолий Геннадьевич

Home Address: Sevastopol, Yumasheva street, building 25, apartment 108.

Date of Birth: 04/22/1967

Passport: #0919-540522 issued by the Department of the Federal Migration Service of Russia for the city of Sevastopol in the Leninsky district on 03/04/2021.


Daughter - Varochkina Anna Anatolyevna 04/11/2000,

Brother - Varochkin Vladimir Gennadievich, 11/15/1953

Nephew (brother's son) - Varochkin Denis Vladimirovich 04/19/1979, and

Every Russian crime has a specific name, surname and patronymic. This is the monster who personally gave the order to fire a Caliber missile at the Vinnytsia household building and the Diagnostic Center. The missile that killed the 3-year-old girl Lisa. The missile that crippled her mother Irina, leaving her fighting for her life, not even aware that her child is already gone. The missile that killed 2 more Ukrainian children and 20 adults. More 34 people are in hospital in serious condition. Five - are on the verge of life and death. All of them were shot by this "officer" of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation.


Lisa and her mother Irina Dmitrieva. Irina is currently unaware of the fate of her daughter. Irina's doctor told her mother "she just couldn't take [the news]. You'll bury two at once if you tell your daughter that the baby died."
Victoria and her seven-year-old son Maksym had an appointment at the medical centre in Vinnytsya when the Russian missile hit it, destroying the building and killing Maksym and his mother.
Olexandra, 2nd year student of international relations at the Donetsk national university (Vinnytsia based)