Status Corrected - Nasybulin proven alive when he hosted the Stavropol Victory Day Parade. 
Major General Rafail Nasybulin (right), First Deputy Commander of the 49th Combined Arms Army, hosted the 2023 Stavropol Victory Day Parade.

Army Deputy Chief of Staff

Unit: 49th Combined Arms Army, Southern Military District

Rank: Major General

Cargo ID: #300

Full Name: Rafail Ravilievich Nasybulin

Russian Name: Рафаиль Равильевич Насыбуллин

Social Media: VK.com

July 10, 2022: We believe him to have been killed in HIMARS strike on command post near Kherson. Popularly (and previously) reported as Major General Artem Nasbulin. However, we do not believe any such general exists. Given Rafail's position, and his well documented attempts to adjust the tactics of the Russian army, he would have ample reason to have been at the command post when it was struck. He also has not been active on social media since the time of the strike.
Rafail Nasybulin [Cargo ID #300]
Rafail Nasybulin [Cargo ID #300]