Battalion Commander - Major

Unit: 4th Battalion, Grozny Special Police Regiment, Kadyrovites

Call Sign: "Hamas" (ХАМАС)

Cargo ID: #200

Full Name: Isa Akhmetovich Taymuskhanov

Russian Name: Таймусханов Иса Ахметович

Awards: Order of Courage, Medal "For Valor in Service"

In Kamyshevakh, Luhansk region, the commander of the 4th battalion of the Kadyrov regiment was wounded.
Major Isa Taimuskhanov came under shelling on May 22 in Kamyshevakh. He received a concussion, a mine-explosive injury, a shrapnel wound to his jaw, and a shrapnel wound to his buttocks.
The commander was hospitalized in the Central District Hospital of Pervomaisk where he reportedly died of a secondary infection on May 28th.

Two months after reports of his demise, Kadyrov himself awarded "Hamas" the Order of Courage. Taymuskhanov is being left on the list as a Dishonorable Mention because with the wounds he sustained, his killing days are over.

"My dear brother, the well-known Chechen commander Isa Taymaskhanov, Hamas, having been wounded in the abdomen, back and legs, is only dissatisfied with the fact that he had to leave the combat zone. He is not embarrassed by bleeding and aching wounds, since the fighting spirit is at a completely different level," wrote Kadyrov.
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