Senior Vice President and Head of B2C Customer Experience Development at Sberbank

Sberbank is the largest financial institution in Russia and is majority owned by the Government of the Russian Federation. It holds the largest share of the savings deposit market in the country, is the main creditor of the Russian economy and is considered by the Government of the Russian Federation to be a backbone financial institution.

Cargo ID: #1043

English Name: Nikolay Andreevich Vasev

Russian Name: Васев Николай Андреевич

Other Responsibilities: Head of a system integration, business process automation and information technology consulting company in Russia; Head of the multi-million-dollar startup "Domclick"

Cause of Death: Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Date of Birth: July 20, 1981 (age: 43 years)

Place of Birth: Perm, Russia

Education: Perm Polytechnic University (degree in Systems Engineering)

INN (Tax ID): 590611105061

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