Head of Transport at Gazprom Invest

Found stabbed to death in his apartment.

Cargo ID: #1

English Name: Leonid Aleksandrovich Shulman

Russian Name: Шульман Леонид Александрович

Place of Death: cottage village in Leninskoye, Vyborg district, Leningrad region, Russia

Police officers who arrived at the scene found the deceased on the bathroom floor. The dead man was lying on his stomach. Deep incised wounds were recorded on both hands, everything was covered in blood. A retractable construction knife was found on the edge of the bathtub. Two notes were also found. According to preliminary data, it speaks of unbearable pain that he cannot tolerate. The now deceased had an Ilizarov apparatus installed on his leg, which is used to fuse bones (Shulman was on sick leave, lived alone). He was injured by accident in the same Leninsky during some kind of fun.
According to preliminary information, at the end of the year, the security service of Gazprom Invest conducted an inspection of the transport unit. Information about the overstatement of the cost of repairing the fleet was checked.