Army Chief of Staff - Major General

Unit: 35th Combined Arms Army, Eastern Military District

Killed in a likely Storm Shadow strike on his headquarters in Prymorsk (see below)

Cargo ID: #810

English Name: Sergei Vladimirovich Goryachev

Russian Name: Горячев Сергей Владимирович

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Date of Birth: October 22, 1970 (age: 52 years)

Place of Birth: Ozherelye, Moscow Region, Russia

Education: Ryazan Higher Airborne Command School (graduated 1994); Combined Arms Academy of the Russian Armed Forces(graduated 2008); Military Academy of the General Staff of Russian Armed Forces

Registered Address: Pskov, General Margelov St., building 19, apt. 56

INN (Tax ID): 602706869811

SNILS: 13538992395

Passport: 5803 No. 585550

Rights: AGA 556775, category C

Phone Number: +7-987-558-66-95

A native of the Airborne Forces, Goryachev served as a soldier in the Kirovabad Airborne Division, after the RVVDKU he commanded a reconnaissance company, and then a parachute battalion in the 76th division, was the chief of staff of the 108th regiment. Later, he headed our contingent in Transnistria, commanded the 27th Motorized Rifle Brigade, 201 Military Base in Tajikistan, and a training center in Khabarovsk. Having joined the SVO as commander of the 5th separate tank brigade, he "grew" to the deputy commander of the 35th OA (with the rank of major general), was appointed chief of staff of the army.
He died on June 12, 2023 during the Ukrainian counter-offensive as a result of a missile strike by the Ukrainian Armed Forces on the positions of the Russian army in the Zaporozhye region, in the city of Primorsk. The strike destroyed the military base of the Russian Armed Forces, warehouses and the headquarters of the 35th Combined Arms Army; as a result of the explosion, more than 20 officers were killed and wounded, including Sergei Goryachev.
he was buried at the Smolensk cemetery in St.Petersberg.
Sergei's apartment building: Pskov, General Margelov St., building 19, apt. 56