Division Chief of Operations; Army Deputy Chief of Staff

Unit: 4th Guards Tank Division, 1st Guards Tank Army, Western Military District

The memorial poster included below states that he was killed in the Kherson area. However, there is no reason for an officer of the 4th GTD or 1st GTA to have been anywhere near Kherson at the time. His death happened during the Kharkiv counteroffensive where the 4GTD/1GTA were heavily involved. Most likely he was killed in the command post strikes in Izyum or possibly Balaklia.

Cargo ID: #676

English Name: Denis Vladimirovich Gutarov

Russian Name: Гутаров Денис Владимирович

Education: Far Eastern Higher Combined Arms Command School (graduated 2002)

Awarded: Hero of Russia (ph.)

"He died on October 1, 2022, in the Kherson direction. During the movement of the division's command post, Colonel D.V. Gutarov was mortally wounded by an enemy airstrike."
Far Eastern Higher Combined Arms Command School emblem