Unit: Unknown.

Cargo ID: #442.

Call Sign: "Mustang" (мустанг).

Full Name: Alexander Albertovich Maslennikov

Russian Name: Масленников Александр Альбертович

Date of Birth: 20 May, 1988 (age: 34 years)

Registered Address: Voronezh, Russia

Social Media: VK.com

Employer: KS-PRO LLC ("We perform engineering surveys, preparation of design documentation, construction control, organization of construction and commissioning of the object.")

Favorite Movies: Seeing the White Nights, Beauty and the Ugly Glory (1989)

Favorite Books: Calling Myself Gantenbein, Fahrenheit 451, Persecution of the Jews of Eastern Galicia by the National Socialists

Favorite Games: Rings of Power, Grand Theft Auto Double Pack, Sonic the Hedgehog (8 bit)