Battalion Commander

Unit: Tank Battalion, 291st Motor Rifle Regiment, 42nd Guards Motor Rifle Division, 58th Combined Arms Army, Southern Military District

Cargo ID: #376

Full Name: Vasily Igorevich Lushnikov

Russian Name: Лушникова Василия Игоревича

Date of Birth: 23 August 1988 (age: 34 years) (killed on his birthday)

Registered Addresses: Russia, Volgograd, Vostochno-Kazakhstanskaya Street, 8, apt. 105; Russia, Volgograd, Volgogradskaya Street, 1, build. 7, apt. 151

Social Media:,,

Education: Kazan Higher Military Tank Command School

Passport Information: Series 1809 № 310566, issued 15.06.2009 by the Department of the Federal Migration Service of Russia in Sovetsku District of Volgograd (Volgograd Oblast)

INN (Tax ID): 344316575415

SNILS (Government ID): 194-435-356 92