SOBR Officer

Unit: SOBR Unit, Rosgvardia

Cargo ID: #369

Full Name: Andrei Sergeevich Meshcheryakov

Russian Name: Андрей Сергеевич Мещеряков

Date of Birth: March 8 1977 (age: 45 years)

Place of Birth: Sosnovka, Khabarovsk, Russia

Education: School No. 66, Shipbuilding Technical School

Past Service: 5 tours in Chechnya

Awarded: Order of Courage (ph.)

During a special operation in Ukraine, he received a contusion and came home to Khabarovsk. At that time he went to his native church, sang in the choir and read the Apostle to the congregation. Andrei could have stayed home because of his foot condition, but he told us, "I can't leave my guys in the unit, it would be a betrayal," said Irina, a parishioner of St. George the Warrior Church.

So after he was discharged from the hospital he went back to protect the civilians and help his comrades. "Andrei was an example for other fighters. He could bring back the courage of his comrades in difficult moments. Taught us to pray, he said, "Don't swear, but rather turn to God with the words of prayer "Lord, have mercy!", "Holy Mother of God, save us!"," - recalls a fellow soldier of Andrei.
During the battle, his comrade-in-arms was badly wounded and could not get up from the ground. Then Andrey rushed to the colonel and, despite the danger, pulled the man from the battlefield. He was taken to the hospital and saved. As his comrades recall, the colonel then uttered: "I knew, Andrei, that you would come back for me!" After all, it was high morale and responsibility for themselves and their loved ones that was in the man's character.