Top Kremlin Advisor (resigned following Russian invasion of Ukraine)

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Well-Known Russian Reformer Chubais Discharged From Italian Hospital
Post-Soviet reformer Anatoly Chubais, who left Russia following Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, has reportedly been discharged from a hospital ​​​​​​​in Italy where he was being treated for a rare immunity disorder.

Company: Former CEO of OAO Unified Energy System of Russia

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Full Name: Anatoly Borisovich Chubais

Russian Name: Чубайс Анатолий Борисович

Anatoly Chubais, who resigned as a top Kremlin adviser shortly after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, was hospitalized on Sunday in a western European country in critical condition with the symptoms of a rare neurological disorder. Mr. Chubais had suddenly grown numb in his hands and legs, his wife, Avodtya Smirnova, told the Russian journalist Ksenia Sobchak.
According to Ms. Sobchak’s news channel, specialists in “chemical protection suits” examined the room in which he suddenly became ill.
Mr. Chubais had been a prominent fixture in Russian politics and an ally of President Vladimir V. Putin’s since the 1990s. He oversaw privatization during Russia’s transition to a market economy, became the chief executive of Russia’s state power monopoly, and took the reins of Rosnano, a state technology company.
More recently, he served as Mr. Putin’s international climate envoy. He left that post — and Russia entirely — in March without stating a reason, though it was widely believed to have stemmed from his opposition to the invasion of Ukraine. He is one of the highest-level Russian officials to have resigned from Putin’s government since February.
Mr. Chubais’s current location has not been disclosed.

- The New York Times

"The former head of the presidential administration of the Russian Federation does not work well with his legs and arms, his eyes cannot be closed, and his face is also partially paralyzed."
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