Regiment Deputy Commander, Su-25 Pilot - Lieutenant Colonel

Unit: 18th Guards Assault Aviation Regiment, 303rd Composite Aviation Division, 11th Air and Air Defense Forces Army

Cargo ID: #31

Full Name: Oleg Vladimirovich Chervov

Russian Name: Червов Олег Владимирович

Date of Birth: June 23, 1984 (age: 37 years)

Place of Birth: Yekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russia

Education: Krasnodar Aviation School,Voronezh Air Force Academy (2019)

Awarded: Order of Courage (ph.), Medal of Nesterov, Medal "Participant of the Military Operation in Syria"

Previously Served : Syria

The deputy commander of the aviation regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Oleg Chervov, was buried on March 16. He rests next to his friend and colleague Roman Filipov.
"Yesterday in Voronezh, they said goodbye to a military pilot who died during a special operation on Ukraine, - Deputy commander of the aviation regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Oleg Chervov. The pilot, who previously served in Transbaikalia and flew attack aircraft, moved to Voronezh quite recently. About a hundred military and several dozen civilians came to say goodbye to him - this time Voronezh residents were not informed about the officer's funeral in advance. "Who are we burying, fathers-commanders?" - rare passers-by asked. "Officers," they answered. "From Ukraine?" - passers-by asked again. The answer was silence... Neither civilians nor the military could provide details about what happened to Oleg Chervov's plane on March 7. Even the cadets on duty at the entrance, who did not have the opportunity to approach the coffin, learned about the identity of the pilot from those leaving the building."

"Unknown people set fire to the grave of officer Oleg Chervov, who died during a special operation. It is located in the Alley of Heroes at the Comintern Cemetery. Mayor Vadim Kstenin announced this today, September 28."

In the album of graduates of the Borisoglebsk Aviation School in 2006, there are 2 photos next to each other. On the one on the left is Roman Filipov, on the other is Oleg Chervov.
Guard Major Roman Filipov, died 4 years ago. Lieutenant Colonel Oleg Chervov died on March 7.

Su-25 "28 Yellow" RF-90969
s/n 08-63, s/n: 25508108063
266th Assault Aviation Regiment, Domna airfield (military unit 63559) and/or Steppe (military unit 90175), Trans-Baikal Territory
Pilot – Oleg Vladimirovich Chervov ( denazified )
Demilitarized on March 7, 2022 between the village. Mirotskoye and Blistavitsa, Kyiv region (50.59320, 30.14870)

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