Head of Flight Safety Service, Su-25 Pilot - Major

Unit: 18th Guards Assault Aviation Regiment, 303rd Composite Aviation Division, 11th Air and Air Defense Forces Army, Western Military District

Cargo ID: #223

Full Name: Evgeny Igorevich Osipov

Russian Name: Осипов Евгений Игоревич

Date of Birth: January 15, 1989 (age: 33 years)

Place of Birth: Novodevitsa village, Primorsky Krai, Russia

Place of Death: Kyiv Oblast (Shot Down)

Awards: Order of Courage (ph.), Medal "Order of Merit to the Fatherland" 2nd class, Others Being Investigated

Today marks a year since our comrade, attack pilot Major Evgeniy Igorevich Osipov, did not return from a combat mission.

On March 4, 2022, his Su-25 with tail number “04” was shot down in the Kyiv region.

Zhenya ejected and took part in the battle on the ground, during which he died as a Hero, repeating the feat of his colleague Roman Filipov.
April 3 at the secondary school. Novodevitsa Khorolsky Moscow Region held an event to open the Hero’s Desk dedicated to Guard Major Evgeniy Igorevich Osipov.
Recently, his family received the gold star “Hero of the Primorsky Territory”, which was presented by Governor Oleg Kozhemyako.

Su-25SM "04 Red" RF-91958
s/n 25508110374 (2011 onwards)
18th Assault Aviation Regiment, Chernigovka airfield, Primorsky Krai
Pilot - Major Osipov Evgeniy Igorevich Cargo ID #223( denazified )
Demilitarized on March 4, 2022 in the area of the village Kodra, Kyiv region (50.55134, 29.61641)

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