📛Status Corrected

Rank: Major General

Unit: 38th Separate Guards Motorized Rifle Brigade, 35th Combined Arms Army, Eastern Military District

Medevac'd after a critical chest wound on March 2. Ultimate status remained unknown until August 20, 2023, when he showed up in a video conference screenshot as part of the 38th Separate Guards Motorized Rifle Brigade.

Full Name: Alexander Semyonovich Sanchik

Russian Name: Санчик Александр Семенович

Date of Birth: 15 October 1966 (age: 55 years)

Registered Address: Russia, Moscow Oblast, Chekhov, Zemskaya Street, 14, apt. 264

Education: Tashkent Higher Tank Command School (1989), Combined Arms Academy of Russian Armed Forces (2000), Military Academy of the General Staff of Russian Armed Forces (2017)

Passport Information: series 8211 № 092364, issued 21.12.2011 by the center of the Federal Migration Service of Russia in Buynaksk, Dagestan

INN (Tax ID #): 360306752332

SNILS (Government ID): 135-334-582 49

Phone Number: 79262817512