Propagandist/ Deputy Chairman, Press Secretary

Unit: Public Movement “Call of the People”

He mainly wrote Denunciations against Public figures (Snitch)

Among those against whom movement activists wrote complaints were singer Lolita, Nastya Ivleeva, musicians of the groups “Bi-2” and “Animal Jazz”, artist Alisa Gorshenina, writer Lyudmila Ulitskaya*, Olga Buzova. In January 2024, “Call of the People” demanded that a criminal case be opened against director Mikhail Lokshin, who directed “The Master and Margarita,” and also demanded that the writer Viktor Shenderovich* be recognized as a terrorist and extremist.

Cargo ID: #1303

English Name: Anton Yegovtsev

Russian Name: Еговцев Антон

Date of Birth: March 27, 1987 (age: 36 years)

Place of Birth: Moscow, Russia

Date of Death: June 7, 2024

Place of Death: Fizkulturnaya Street in Lobnya, Moscow Region. (via Stabbed)

The suspect in the murder of Anton Egovtsev is Dmitry Matveev, a motocross coach. He claimed that he had loved the social activist’s wife since school, where they studied together. Catherine herself could not remember this man. However, she paid attention to him when Matveev began to stalk her. Over the past year and a half, he came to the couple’s home with flowers. The Egovtsevs kicked them out and asked to leave their family alone, but he returned again and again, sitting at the entrance in the car.
On the day of the murder, he was again waiting for the woman near the house. Ekaterina called her husband and the police, and she went to her brother, fearing for her safety. Anton Egovtsev was unable to repel the attacker: he was on sick leave and did not feel well. And yet he managed to wound Matveev in the shoulder.

Two hours later, Egovtsev’s neighbor called the police, she reported that someone was banging on her door:

“Looking out, she saw a fight involving Egovtsev. His opponent was wearing the same green T-shirt. At some point, the attacker pulled out a knife and stabbed the man several times.
The wounded Yegovtsev knocked on his neighbor’s door, but the woman was afraid to open the door for him because she had a child at home with her. According to sources, the police arrived 15 minutes after the neighbor called, but the attacker was no longer at the scene. Egovtsev died from his injuries.”

Anton Egovtsev - in addition to the deputy chairman, was also the press secretary of the patriotic movement "Call of the People". He regularly visited Donbass on a humanitarian mission.

At the scene of the incident, police discovered that the Egovtsevs’ door peephole was completely covered, and there were traces of blood in the apartment, including on the switches. Experts believe that Matveev could have lured Anton out by cunning, first entering the vestibule, and when the front door opened, the killer attacked the owner of the apartment inside the home.
The stalkers obsession, Anton's Wife

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