Retired Volunteer

Unit: Unknown

Previously: 331st Guards Airborne Regiment, 98th Guards Airborne Division, Russian Airborne Forces (VDV)

Cargo ID: #1239

English Name: Konstantin Pavlovich Deineko

Russian Name: Дейнеко Константин Павлович

Education: Krasnoyarsk Higher Command School (graduated in the 80's); Krasnoyarsk State Institute of Arts

Date of Birth: May 16, 1966 (age: 57 years)

Date of Death: April 4, 2024

Social Media:,

Medal "For Military Valor" 2nd Class,
Badge "Parachutist Excellence",
Badge "Graduation from a Higher Education Institution",
Badge "Guard"

Konstantin is best known for his rock band "Second Wind"
Album Cover

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