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English Name: Pavel Shuvalov

Russian Name: Павел Шувалов

Date of Birth: 1968 (age: 55 years)

Place of Birth: Tulun, Irktusk, Russia

Place of Death: Luhansk, Ukraine

Pavel Shuvalov, better known as The Tulun Maniac, sentenced to 24 years in prison, died in the zone of a special military operation in Ukraine, reports. According to the publication, he signed a contract with one of the private military companies in April 2023 and went to the front line.
According to the publication, 55-year-old Shuvalov arrived in Ukraine in early May and, after training, he was sent to the line of combat contact near Luhansk. According to, the death of The Tulun Maniac was confirmed by three fellow soldiers, who also stated that it was not possible to take his body.
Shuvalov was sentenced in 2021. He was accused of a series of rapes and murders that he committed in the city of Tulun. As the investigation found, from 1991 to 2019, he raped at least 27 women, killing two of them. In court, it was possible to prove his involvement in only two cases of rape and the same number of murders, since some of the archival materials were damaged during the Tulun flood in 2019.
During the preliminary investigation, the 52-year-old accused confessed to committing two murders and 27 rapes of women. According to the investigation, the man acted according to one scenario: threatening with a knife, he took his victims to deserted places where he committed sexual crimes. He was detained and arrested in January 2019.

'Maniac' 24-stone killer and 'mass rapist' who preyed on dozens of women and 'fell asleep snoring on top of his victims' after attacking them is jailed in Russia
Pavel Shuvalov ran a secret life behind his family's back, a Russian court heard
Shuvalov, 52, raped multiple women and killed two in a reign of terror since 1992
He was convicted for double murder and two specimen charges of rape, and imprisoned for 24 years
Police said a 'characteristic feature' saw him fall asleep on top of his victims
One victim, Valentina Danilova, who waived her anonymity, said: 'He attacked me and my cousin from behind, with a knife.
'It was over 17 years ago, but I still remember everything so clearly.
'At first I tried to escape, but cut myself on a knife, blood flowed down my clothes and leg.

Of Note: This is not the only Pavel Shuvalov Born in 1968 who ended up as Sexual predator and killer, there is also this version: Pavel Alekseevich Shuvalov, Born March 1st, 1968 In Leningrad known as “ Maniac from Nevsky Forest Park ”,
“ Maniac from Dybenko ”, “ Werewolf ”. This version died in 2020 of heart failure

Between September 1991 and September 1995, 5 murders were committed on the territory of the Nevsky Forest Park. The first murder occurred in September 1991: the body of a 12-year-old girl was discovered by a worker at the Nevsky Forest Park only 2 months later (November 21), she was raped and drowned, her death was initially recognized as an accident. The next 4 murders occurred in December 1992, February 1993, May 12, 1993 and September 1995.