Military Commissar (Krasnoturinsk, Karpinsk, Volchansk) - Colonel

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English Name: Sergei Valentinovich Cherkasin

Russian Name: Чекасин Сергей Валентинович

Date of Birth: 1964 (age: 59 years)

Place of Birth: Krasnoturinsk, Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russia

Place of Death: Krasnoturinsk, Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russia (at his home, suicide....)

Previously, URA.RU sources claimed that Chekasin committed suicide. According to others, the officer was ill. Relatives do not believe in the suicide version, but they also do not name the exact cause of death. The military commissar’s mother said meaningfully at the funeral that “his heart could not stand the suffering.”
"Apparently, last year’s rumors about the colonel’s bribery were not empty. It must be admitted that even if the honor of a citizen was not ideal, he retained the honor of his uniform. Such actions, oddly enough, command respect. And the guilt, even if it existed, should be considered fully atoned for."
"Address this question to the investigator from the military police who was in charge of his case. Or do you believe that the healthy and far from old colonel was so out of his mind that he began to clean a loaded pistol, looking into the barrel with one eye? Son, have you seen the gun? Have you ever served in the army?"

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