We've received word from our friends in the Ukrainian 72nd Mechanized Brigade that they are in desperate need of medical supplies. After months of weathering daily airstrikes, suffering primarily light to moderate wounds, their luck ran out today. A Russian FAB-500 glide bomb directly struck one of their defensive positions, immediately killing two men, severely wounding many more, and destroying all the supplies in that position. They are now critically low on almost everything.

While Western aid is finally starting to trickle in, it is all weapons and ammo. This leaves the medics having to treat wounds with a belt and dirty t-shirt, rather than a tourniquet and sterile gauze. They have been holding the front lines around Vuhledar for nearly a year, and while they have inflicted tremendous losses on the Russians there, it always comes at a cost. Please consider helping them if you are able.

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Most Critical Needs:

  • 2x Advanced Medical Bag
  • Iodine and Antiseptics
  • Hemostatic Gauze
  • Bandages
  • Authentic Tourniquets
  • Chest Seals
  • Restocking Individual First Aid Kits (IFAKs)

Latest updates from Oleksiy:

April 30, 2024

Hello friend. We are in an emergency situation where we need life saving medical supplies. There has been a mass casualty event in the Brigade. If you can change some info on the website, we are low on many supplies, but we are now without critical medical supplies after the mass casualty event. We have two 200 [killed], and many 300 [wounded]. We cannot continue without these critical medical supplies. The western aid is starting to trickle in in the form of weapons. I hope TC200 can help somewhat with the medical aid, or at least reach more people than I can. Thank you for always being supportive of my unit and brigade.  For Ukraine's Freedom!

March 2, 2024

Hey friend, We are critically low on medical supplies. We have run out of certain medical supplies for our field office. We ran out of iodine, antiseptic, certain blood collection items, specific gauze, and various other items. Also, Our newly trained field medic is in need of a quality medical bag. We have tried to raise the funds by ourselves but it seems that the people around the world have given up on us and Ukraine.

Some guys are nervous to go to position knowing we are lacking various medical supplies. If there is any way you can help us, I know the medics and guys would be greatly appreciated.

We are really in need of US and EU aid. It has effected almost every aspect of the war. We are also in need of some car repairs but the medical supplies are most crucial.

January 3, 2024:

Thank you, friend. I was able to get 36 hours off. My family met me closer to the front. Thank you for supporting us. We have been able to help 2 guys with Winter gear they did not have. We are still trying to raise enough for at least 3 more people. I have gone without so they can be well equipped. Medical is also fairly low.
The 72nd and my battalion would like to wish you a great New Year. Hopefully you had a great holiday and Christmas. We hope this year brings victory. Again, thank you for support friend. πŸ’™πŸ’›

December 8, 2023:

Hello friend. I hope you are well. We are trying to fund a small generator to charge our drones, radios, and cell batteries. We are also trying to fund for quality winter gear like gortex, Sox, thermal under garments, and waterproof boots, fleece hats and gloves. If there is anyway you can update the website. Being cold and wet is extremely unmotivating and brings our morale down. Thank you friend if you can do this for us.

Vuhledar has seen an extreme amount of activity. We have lost two members to wounds. One severely and another who should recover. I'm hoping to be able to see my family for the holidays. I haven't seen them in such a long time, I miss them. I want this war to end. It seems like I'm training new guys every two weeks. Thank you for supporting us. My guys and I feel like the world and others in Ukraine have given up on us. We don't receive aid or donations anymore.

November 5, 2023:

Hello Friend, 
I'm sorry I haven't been able to talk much. The Russians took out our forward operating Starlink. So I only get connection when I make it back to the main HQ. I guess there is a video of the Russians dropping the grenade on our Starlink. I haven't seen it but others have. 

On November 2nd, the Russians tried an armored thrust to Vuhledar where we are. We had a battle that lasted over a day.  I'll try to send some pictures [a few below]. We sustained quite a high casualty rate during this battle. The battle is all over the internet from what I hear. We have 5 members injured, 3 severely. One is definitely going to lose his leg. Also, a couple have severe TBI to the point where they can't walk and are throwing up.

We used a tremendous amount of personal medical equipment from our IFAKs [Individual First Aid Kits]. We desperately need funds to get some replacement medical supplies to stock our IFAKs back up to where they need to be. We have not received any donations in over a week. I think the world has forgotten about Ukraine because of what is going on in the middle east, which I fully understand. They need support as much as we do I'm sure.

My guys and I are nervous in case another Russian attempt comes because our IFAKs don't have the necessary supplies.

October 9, 2023

Hello, friend. We are having quite a hard time. We think the world has given up on Ukraine. We also understand Israel is going through a tough time at the moment, and people are tired of giving to Ukraine. We do not enjoy asking, but these donations save the lives of my brothers, and so I will ask. We are in a bad situation. Our remaining vehicle is still damaged, and we have not been able to replenish what was lost in the destroyed vehicle. We are buying all our own winter clothing, and what supplies we can afford on our own. Any donation will help, $5, $20, $30 will save one of my brother's lives.

September 9, 2023

We are in severe need of ear protection with communication links and simple eye protection. We lose too many guys from foreign objects getting in their eyes after artillery strikes. It takes them immediately out of the fight. With so much artillery, all it takes is a speck of dirt.

Oleksiy's unit recently suffered a direct artillery strike and lost a lot of their supplies (video below):

The artillery hit on our location. We had two vehicles get hit, one directly. I lost 2 brothers KIA, 3 wounded (with 2 amputations). I took fragmentation in my leg which is healing well. If you can help, we are desperately looking for donors to help acquire some replacement equipment. The vehicle that took the direct hit was carrying much of our equipment including daypacks, a Mavic 3 for surveillance, a range finder, 2 Motorola RDU series radios, IFAKS [first aid kits], 2 pairs tactical combat gloves, 7 pairs of eye protection, and one PVS 14 Night vision for night driving during emergency medevac and resupply. If you can help find donors. It would be greatly appreciated.

They also need a constant supply of quality medical supplies. They have dangerously few tourniquets and chest seals, both of which are unfortunately used quite frequently. And, of course, things as simple as sterile gauze and gloves are critically important, but rarely included in the large Western aid packages.

If you can help, any small amount can save a life. $10 can buy some gauze, $20 can buy a tourniquet, $40 can buy some eye protection. This is a medical unit, so all donations will be going directly to saving Ukrainian lives.

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Aftermath of the Artillery Strike (non-graphic)

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