Brigade Deputy Commander for Armaments - Major

Unit: 169th Motorized Rifle Brigade (в/ч 11741)

Cargo ID: #991

English Name: Nikolai Kuznetsov

Russian Name: Кузнецов Николай

Place of Death: Rossosh, Rossoshansky District, Voronezh Oblast, Russia

Identities identified dead after an explosion in the gazebo of one of the houses in Rossoshi, Voronezh region. 

All three victims, as ASTRA found out, were servicemen of military unit 11741. They rented the house of a local resident from September 13, and on the night of September 16 they drank alcohol. At one point, one of the military exploded a hand grenade. 

The following died on the spot: the deputy commander for weapons of the military unit 11741, Major Nikolai Kuznetsov [Cargo ID #991], the commander of the engineer battalion of the same unit, Major Evgeniy Tkach [Cargo ID #990], and private Alexander Semenchenko.