Retired Volunteer

Unit: Unknown

Participant in hostilities in Chechnya (2000), South Ossetia (2008) and Ukraine (2023).

Cargo ID: #968

English Name: Evgeniy Vasilievich Smolkin

Russian Name: Смолкин Евгений Васильевич

Date of Birth: June 24, 1966 (age: 57 years)

Social Media:


English Name: Ekaterina Smolkina

Russian Name: Екатерина Смолкина

Date of Birth: December 16

Education: Ulyanovsk State Agrarian University (graduated 2004)

Social Media:


English Name: Mikhail Evgenevich Smolkin

Russian Name: Смолкин Михаил Евгеньевич

Date of Birth: March 1

Education: First Moscow State Medical University (graduated 2017)

Social Media:, Skype (michel-7337)

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