Retired Mobik

Unit: 107th Motorized Rifle Regiment, 1st Army Corps, DPR Militia

Cargo ID: #966

English Name: Victor Nikolaevich Konstantinov

Russian Name: Константинов Виктор Николаевич

Date of Birth: June 19, 1966 (age: 57 years)

Place of Birth: Borovichi, Novgorod Oblast, Russia

Education: Kazan Higher Tank Command School (graduated 1987); St. Petersburg Suvorov Military School

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Phone Number: +7-921-707-50-07

Awards: Order of Courage (ph.)

When the special military operation began in Donbass, Viktor Nikolaevich could not stay away, and in October 2022 he joined the ranks of our soldiers and officers to defend the Motherland.

Civilian Profession: Photographer / Videographer (

"On May 24, 2023 in the Assumption Cathedral of the city of Borovichi Bishop Efrem of Borovichi and Pestov performed the funeral of Konstantinov Viktor Nikolaevich, a serviceman who died during a special military operation in Ukraine. Viktor Nikolaevich Konstantinov, born in 1966, was mortally wounded while performing a combat mission. His Grace was co-served by: secretary of the diocese Hieromonk Daniel (Yatskin) acting deputy of the monastery Hieromonk Androniko (Gondarenko), clerics of the cathedral Priest Vladimir Pavlov and Priest Jacob Yaroslavov, dean of the monastery Hieromonk Grigory (Grishin) and rector of the church of St. Paraskeva of Friday Priest Roman Moroko. The divine service, which the head of the Borovinsky municipal district A.N. and veterans of the Borovichitsky branch of the "COMBAT BROTHERHOOD" prayed was accompanied by the singing of the church choir of the Assumption Cathedral. The Borovichi diocese expresses its deep condolences to the relatives and friends of the deceased hero warrior.”


English Name: Nadezhda Konstantinova (Yakovleva)

Russian Name: Надежда Константинова (Яковлева)

Date of Birth: July 24, 1973

Living in: Borovichi, Novgorod Oblast, Russia

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English Name: Georgy Viktorovich Konstantinov

Russian Name: Константинов Георгий Викторович

Date of Birth: November 2, 1991 

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English Name: Anna Viktorovna Konstantinová

Russian Name: Анна Викторовна Константинова

Date of Birth: April 17, 2000

Education: National Research Nuclear University (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute) [Faculty: Institute of Nuclear Physics and Technology] [Study program: Department of Theoretical and Experimental Physics of Nuclear Reactors (No. 5)]

Student ID: No. 5181090

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Phone Number: +7-911-602-86-55