Press Officer - Major

Unit: Press Office, Moscow Military District

Cargo ID: #1223

English Name: Evgeny Andreevich Polovodov

Russian Name: Евгений Андреевич Половодов

Date of Birth: November 5, 1990 (age: 33 years)

Place of Birth: Bratsk, Irkutsk region, Russia

Place of Death: Near Kreminna, Luhansk Oblast, Ukraine (Artillery strike)

First, three cannon artillery shells were fired at the film crew, and during the evacuation of the wounded, a Ukrainian drone followed the car and fell next to the car.

Artillery landing around Evgeny

Drone striking the ground killing Evgeny

Education: Voronezh State University (Faculty of Journalism) with a degree in public relations specialist (graduated 2013)

Awards: Medal of Suvorov, others under investigation

Previously Deployed: Syria

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