Retired Volunteer

Unit: Unknown Motorized Rifle Unit

Died near Kremennaya

Cargo ID: #959

English Name: Alexey Vladimirovich Kuznetsov

Russian Name: Кузнецов Алексей Владимирович

Education: Novosibirsk Higher Military Command School

Alexey Vladimirovich was born in Sevastopol, studied at school No. 22 named after N.A. Ostryakov, after school he entered a military school in Tashkent, after the collapse of the USSR he was transferred to Novosibirsk, where he graduated from the Higher Combined Arms Command School.

He served in various military positions in various parts of our country. After his dismissal from the ranks of the RF Armed Forces, he moved to live in Saratov.

Relatives say that Alexey Vladimirovich loved Sevastopol very much, he came here every vacation and brought his son. His mother worked as a teacher in Sevastopol all her life and continues to work now.

In July of this year, Alexey Kuznetsov decided to participate in the SVO and signed a contract with the Ministry of Defense. Served in motorized rifle units.

Alexey Vladimirovich died near Kremennaya. The situation in this direction is now difficult, the most difficult battles are taking place.