Brigade Commander - Colonel

Unit: 85th Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade, 2nd Army Corps, LPR Militia

Cargo ID: #870

Call Sign: "Raven" (Ворон)

English Name: Alexander Vladimirovich Gorin

Russian Name: Горин Александр Владимирович

Date of Birth: July 29, 1977 (age: 45 years and 350 days)

Lived in: Kronstadt, St.Petersburg, Russia

Education: Kuznetsov Naval Academy

Social Media:

Awards: Order of Courage, Medal "For Courage", others under investigation


English Name: Darina Gorina

Russian Name: Дарина Горина

Date of Birth: April 27, 1984

Education: St. Petersburg State Medical Technical University (graduated 2006)

Social Media:, (1), (2)

Phone Numbers: +7-988-130-66-99, +7-911-216-79-10


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