Battalion Commander - Major

Unit: Reconnaissance Battalion, 810th Separate Guards Naval Infantry Brigade, Black Sea Fleet, Southern Military District

Actual Rank: Captain of the 3rd Rank (the naval equivalent of Major)

Cargo ID: #863

Call Sign: "Jaeger" (Егерь)

English Name: Vladimir Alexandrovich Chepa

Russian Name: Чепа Владимир Александрович

Date of Birth: April 22, 1990 (age: 33 years)

Place of Birth: Bystraya, Minusinsk District, Krasnoyarsk territory, Russia

Lived in: Sevastopol, Crimea, Ukraine

Place of Death: Robotnye, Zaporizhzhia Oblast, Ukraine (via artillery strike)

Education: Novosibirsk Higher Military Command School (Graduated 2010), Combined Arms Academy of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (Graduated 2015)

Hero of the Russian Federation (ph.);
Medal of the Order "For Merit to the Fatherland" 2nd Class;
Medal "For Distinction in Military Service" 1st Class;
Medal "For Distinction in Military Service" 2nd Class;
Medal "For Distinction in Military Service" 3rd Class;
Medal "For the Return of Crimea";
Medal "For Participation in the Military Parade on Victory Day";
Badge "Parachutist";
Badge "Graduation from a Higher Education Institution";
Badge "Guard"

Phone Number: +7-923-317-03-16

Social Media: (private),

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