Battalion Commander - Major

Unit: 1st Battalion, 114th Separate Guards Motorized Rifle Brigade, 1st Army Corps, 8th Guards Combined Army.

Cargo ID: #1301

Call Sign: "Monk" (Монах)

English Name: Sergey Anatolyevich Leshchenko

Russian Name: Лещенко Сергей Анатольевич

Date of Birth: July 11, 1991 (age: 32 years)

Place of Birth: Donetsk, Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine

Date of Death: June 2, 2024

Place of Death: Donetsk, Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine (via Fragged)

Awards: Order of Courage, others under investigation

The commander of the 1st battalion of the 114th brigade, Sergei Leshchenko, tried to force the commander of his battalion’s support platoon into a butcher’s assault near Avdeevka, but his subordinate, who did not want to go to certain death, shot battalion commander Leshchenko and now the shooter will have a chance to live longer in court and in prison.
On the night of June 2, in occupied Donetsk, a shooting occurred in the courtyard of a residential apartment building at 3 Razdolnaya Street (in the archive photo from the maps).
According to ASTRA sources, the commander of the support platoon from military unit 34482, 41-year-old native of Donetsk Roman Burlachenko, opened fire from a Makarov pistol. As a result of the shooting, local resident Alexei Smirnov and serviceman Sergei Leshchenko died on the spot (photo 2). The wounded were a relative of the killed serviceman, Anna Leshchenko, and a local resident.

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