Air Defense Officer

Unit: Unknown

Cargo ID: #853

English Name: Anton Sergeevich Shcherbovskikh

Russian Name: Щербовских Антон Сергеевич

Date of Birth: November 30, 1989 (age: 33 years)

Place of Birth: Buzuluk, Orenburg Region, Russia

Education: Military Academy of Field Anti-Aircraft Defense (graduated 2012)

Awards: Hero of the Russian Federation (ph.), Medal of Suvorov, Medal "For Military Valor" 1st Class, Medal "For Military Valor" 2nd Class, Medal "For Distinction in Military Service" 3rd Class, Medal "For Military Merit", other medals under investigation, Badge "Officer 2nd Class", Badge "Graduation from a Higher Education Institution"

In February 2014, he took part in the operation to annex Crimea to Russia, for which he was awarded a government award - the medal "For the Return of Crimea".

In 2020, he was a member of a peacekeeping mission to resolve the military conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan in Nagorno-Karabakh.

In July 2022, he was sent to the SVO. During the special operation, he showed courage and courage, successfully applied the skills and knowledge accumulated over the years of military service, for which he was awarded the Order of Courage. In December 2022, he returned safely from the SVO and continued to serve.

In May 2023, he went to the NWO zone for the second time.On June 23, during the attack, the Armed Forces of Ukraine repelled the enemy’s missile attacks, took the wounded comrades out of the missile attack and provided medical assistance.

Anton Sergeevich fought to the last, carried out combat work until the victory and repelled the attacks of the enemy, died heroically, saving his comrades.

Our fellow countryman, Major of the Air Defense Forces of the Russian Federation, Shcherbovskikh Anton Sergeevich was posthumously presented for the Hero of Russia award. He left behind two sons, a wife and parents.
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