Brigade Commander

Unit: 4th Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade, 2nd Army Corps, LPR Militia

"The commander of the 4th Motorized Rifle Brigade, Vyacheslav Makarov, while on the front line, personally led the battle. Two enemy attacks were repelled. The brigade's servicemen destroyed three tanks, four infantry fighting vehicles and two armored vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In the course of repelling the third attack, the brigade commander was seriously wounded and died during the evacuation from the battlefield," - Russian MoD

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Call Sign: "Barnaul" (Барнаул)

English Name: Vyacheslav Makarov

Russian Name: Макаров Вячеслав

The brave commander of the 4th brigade, Colonel Vyacheslav Makarov, with the call sign “Barnaul”, who often took us to the front with him, died, where brigade commanders are usually not found. "Barnaul" always personally controlled the battle, around the clock was in the trenches at the forefront, along with the privates. He told me where to put the machine gun, where the trenches needed to be widened. He led attack aircraft, sappers, tankers, explaining the task not on the map at headquarters, but on the ground - observing the situation with his own eyes. And this brought tactical success - several large enemy oporniks were taken in the Kremensky forest.
At the forefront, shelling is the norm. Several times shells flew in 10 meters from us, but somehow it was always calm with “Barnaul” - both for us and for the fighters. He always joked and listened to Soviet songs in headphones during the battle. In recent days, he didn’t want to take us in the new direction near Artyomovsk [Bakhmut], he said that it was too hot for now, the enemy was advancing in large forces, but they would figure it out there too. And the 4th brigade on the day of the death of its brigade commander gave a powerful rebuff.


Mikhail Kulikov (left), Vyacheslav Makarov (center), Viktor Makarov (right)

English Name: Viktor Makarov

Russian Name: Макаров Виктор

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