Helicopter Navigator

Unit: 39th Separate Helicopter Regiment, 27th Composite Aviation Division, 4th Air and Air Defense Forces Army, Southern Military District

Sergei was likely the navigator for Major Igor Markelov [Cargo ID #756]

Cargo ID: #757

English Name: Sergei Stanislavovich Emelyanchik

Russian Name: Емельянчик Сергей Станиславович

Date of Birth: February 18, 1987 (age: 35 years)

Place of Birth: Staraya, Russia

Education: Chelyabinsk Higher Military Aviation School of Navigators

Awards: Order of Courage (ph.), Officer 1st Class, Technical University Academic Badge

Social Media: VK.com (deleted), OK.ru (under the pseudonym
Sergey Dyabin) (archived)


English Name: Maria Emelyanchik (Shlykova)

Russian Name: Мария Емельянчик (Шлыкова)

Date of Birth: December 8, 1988

Living in: Dzhankoy, Russia

Education: Far Eastern Institute of Management, Business, and Law (graduated 2011)

Social Media: VK.com (private), OK.ru

Maria's mother Irina Shlykova (Larina) [Ирина Шлыкова (Ларина)] - Born July 22, 1959

Sergei is the second plaque shown
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