Battalion Commander

Unit: Motor Rifle Battalion, 71st Guards Motorized Rifle Regiment, 42nd Guards Motor Rifle Division, 58th Combined Arms Army, Southern Military District

Ivan was also Deputy President of the "All-Russian Union of Veterans of the Special Military Operation"

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English Name: Ivan Alexandrovich Molitvin (/Molotin)

Russian Name: Молитвин Иван Александрович

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Date of Birth: August 12, 1988 (age: 34 years)

From: Volzhsky, Volgograd Oblast, Russia

Education: Moscow Higher Military Command School

Personnel Number: F-573130

Officer Number: 01142051

Phone Number: +7-928-033-76-80

Awarded: Order of Courage, Medal "For Courage", Medal of Suvorov, Medal "For Distinction in Combat", Medal "For Distinction in Military Service" 3rd Class, Medal "Participant of the Military Operation in Syria", Badge "Officer 1st Class", Badge "Graduation from a Higher Military Academy"

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