Squadron Commander / Helicopter Pilot

Unit: 39th Helicopter Regiment, 27th Composite Aviation Division, 4th Air and Air Defense Forces Army, Southern Military District

"Four helicopters flew to carry out the combat mission. Lieutenant Colonel Yuri Orichak was the leader of the group, he did everything competently, he went around the old route. But the group was ambushed. All helicopters were hit. Part of the group survived: having received minimal injuries, they reached their units on foot. The fate of the remaining helicopter pilots was unknown until today. And now Ukrainian authorities handed over to Russia the crew of Yuri Orichak: two of them under the body exchange plan."

Cargo ID: #689

English Name: Yuri Vladimirovich Orichak

Russian Name: Оричак Юрий Владимирович

Date of Birth: December 27, 1977 (age: 44 years)

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Address: Rostov region, Rostov-on-Don, Trudzhennikov str. 39/3/2, sq.82; Tsialkovsky str.

Phone Number: +7-908-515-1927

Education: Syzran Higher Military Aviation School of Pilots

Previous Deployments: Chechnya, Syria

Passport Information: 5000 478702, issued by the Internal Affairs Department of Berdsk, Novosibirsk region

Social Media: VK.com

Awarded: Order of Courage (ph.)

Reserve Major Oleg Kozinchenko remembers how Yuri, after graduating from the Syzran Flight School, joined the helicopter regiment as a lieutenant"
"Competent, intelligent, he sought to master the skill of a pilot: and therefore, rather quickly became a crew commander, a senior pilot, a flight commander. Together with him in 2003 we performed combat missions in Chechnya. You could always rely on him. Then Yuri graduated from the Academy, and he was sent to another district. There, Yuri, too, everything turned out well. If some kind of flight unit was organized somewhere and it was necessary to prepare people, fly, he was appointed senior, fixed as an instructor. Trained pilots in Tajikistan, formed a unit in Armenia. Participated in combat operations in Syria. He formed a squadron, led it and left for the Crimea. In a word, the helicopter pilot was strong and the commander was experienced, his subordinates loved him, he enjoyed authority among the command."
"We served together for a short time. But he was an excellent pilot and a real commander, he communicated with his subordinates and comrades on an equal footing. He always delved into the essence of the problems of the military and was ready to help. He was a very good man and died like a hero. I brought and handed over to the parents of my commander the Order of Courage, which Yuri Vladimirovich was posthumously awarded for courage and dedication shown in the performance of military duty. We will always remember him!"

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