Battalion Commander

Unit: Most likely from the 212th Guards District Training Center of Tank Troops, Eastern Military District

Cargo ID: #679

English Name: Stanislav Stanislavovich Kuidin

Russian Name: Куйдин Станислав Станиславович

Date of Birth: January 1, 1973 (age: 50 years)

Education: Far Eastern Higher Combined Arms Command School

After Graduation, Stanislav was sent to the Siberian Military District by distribution, Chita, where his whole life from platoon commander to battalion commander passed.

Participated in: Georgia, Syria, and Ukraine

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Awarded: Medal "Participant in the maneuvers of the Vostok-2018 troops"; Medal "For participation in the peacekeeping mission in the Syrian Arab Republic"; Medal "For Distinction in Military Service" I degree; Medal "For Distinction in Military Service" II degree; Medal "For Distinction in Military Service" III degree; Medal "For participation in the military parade in commemoration of the 70th anniversary of victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945"; Medal "Participant of the military operation in Syria (MoD RF)"; Medal "For Military Valor" II degree; Jubilee medal "80 years of the Far Eastern Higher Combined Arms Command School named after Marshal K.K. Rokossovsky";

"I am very touched that it was my son who became the Hero, whose name and photo will be imprinted on this student table. Thank you all for not allowing anyone to forget the history of your country, your Motherland," said the Hero's father Stanislav Kuidin.
Referred to as Lt. Colonel in this 2013 article - almost certainly promoted since. The associated picture does not appear to feature him.