Company Commander

Unit: Unknown Tank Unit

Cargo ID: #641

Call Sign: "Sphere" (Сфера)

Full Name: Vitaly Saidovich Kulchiev

Russian Name: Кульчиев Виталий Саидович

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Video Translation

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The most difficult thing for me personally, and probably for many people, was the beginning of the battle, the clash with the use of weapons, when it all happens quickly in front of your eyes, rapidly.

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In the rest, in principle, over time, you get used to it, you get used to it, you understand that you have to do it, you have to do it, you go forward, no matter what, you try to perform your task, whatever it is.

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The urban battle is one of the most difficult, but then comparing the actions in the fields, in the forest, and the urban battle, it seemed to me that the city is much more syntactic for me, to be honest.

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There are shelters, there are places where you can competently choose a corner, jump out somewhere, minimize, so to speak, the impact of the opponent on yourself, inflict his defeat, and hide.

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For myself, I set the main goals, realizing that these are the points of life, I tried to minimize the loss of the personnel among my unit. This is a very courageous act, just to sit down and go.

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You have to do what you have to do, you have to go to victory, this means only one thing, and there is nothing else here.

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Each tank has its own soul, as my words are now understood by the tank, tank, tank, even in battle, before coming to perform your task, I think about it a thousand times, a thousand times, a thousand times, I think about it a thousand times,

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because the nuances of the tank are enough for me, I have to work to complete the task and get out of it, this is the first, the second, when I go to this task, I do not listen to myself, but I ask our Lord to come home to my family, my wife and children, I will also do it a thousand times.